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Much as I hate to admit it, this is not the be-all and end-all of
Hey Arnold! sites on the World Wide Web. Get out there and click on a link to check out some of what other fans of the show have to say:

If you notice a site where the link no longer works, E-mail me so I can find out if the site has moved.

Jim Lang's website
  The "home" website of the show's music composer, Jim Lang; it includes various audio selections (both from Hey Arnold! and otherwise), as well as an E-mail link to Jim
Hey! "Arnold Stuff"
  This site is loaded with "insider" material such as photos of cast members at the new Nicktoons studio opening party and drawings from some of the animators
fanfiction.net's Hey Arnold! section
  This is a site that hosts fan fiction of all sorts; recently a Hey Arnold! section has been added (this is another site where you can submit your own fanfics)
I have been told that fanfiction.net no longer has, and no longer accepts, any sexually explicit or other "adult" stories
Cadpig's Shrine to Curly
  No, not the Three Stooges character... (Okay, who said "what are the Three Stooges"?  Then again, how long has it been since they've been on television, anyway?)
Mary's Hey Arnold! Page
The Love Shrine
Heman's Hey Arnold! Page - "The Friendly Football Head Site"
The Patakis
  This is a fan-based attempt to create the proposed series The Patakis (which takes place a few years after Hey Arnold! and concentrates on Helga and her family).  They're even looking for people who sound like the characters so they can do audio versions - say, can you do a good impression of Olga?
  The same person that brings you Rettet Hey Arnold! (see MSN Groups below) runs this site, in both English and German
Non-English language sites
Le Sanctuarie d'Helga (en Franšais)
La Maison d'Arnold (en Franšais)
ArNoLd (in Polish)
hey-arnold.ru (in Russian)
  Anybody out there speak Russian?  The site's webmaster needs help translating some English material into Russian.  (Note that, despite the similar name, this site is not just a Russian translation of hey-arnold.com)

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