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HAROLD BERMAN (and family) 

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Season 1

Season 5

Harold is the bully of the group, although his bark is usually worse than his bite (and I for one don't think he would stand a chance against Helga, mainly because he's too big of a target). In some episodes, Harold has yellow eyes, although they're white in the show's opening. (In "24 Hours To Live", they even change color a few times.)
Harold is 13, since that's how old a boy is when he has his Bar Mitzvah (his Hebrew name is Chaim (pronounced "HIGH-em")), although everybody seems to take his age in stride while they make a big deal about Torvald being a fourth grader even though he's the same age.  Also, Harold  was in pre-school at the same time as Arnold ("Eugene's Bike", "Helga On The Couch"), although he says in "Cool Party" that he was "held back".

Voice: Justin Shenkarow
24 Hours To Live
A Day In The Life Of A Classroom
April Fool's Day
Arnold & Lila
Arnold Betrays Iggy
Arnold Visits Arnie
Arnold's Halloween
Arnold's Room
Arnold's Thanksgiving
Bag of Money
Best Friends
Big Caesar
Buses, Bikes, and Subways
Career Day
Chocolate Boy
Coach Wittenberg
Cool Jerk
Cool Party
Curly Snaps
Dangerous Lumber
Das Subway
Deconstructing Arnold
Downtown As Fruits
Eating Contest
Egg Story
Eugene's Pet
False Alarm
Field Trip
Fishing Trip
Full Moon
Gerald's Secret
Gerald's Tonsils
Ghost Bride
Grand Prix
Harold the Butcher
Harold vs. Patty
Harold's Bar Mitzvah
Harold's Kitty
Headless Cabbie
Helga Blabs It All
Helga On The Couch (he also voices "young" Harold)
Helga's Makeover
Helga's Masquerade
Helga's Show
Hey Arnold!: The Movie
Hey Harold!
It Girl
Longest Monday
Magic Show
New Bully on the Block
New Teacher
On The Lam
Operation Ruthless
Phoebe's Little Problem
Pigeon Man
Principal Simmons
Rich Kid
Roller Coaster
Runaway Float
Sally's Comet
School Play
Sid And Germs
Stinky Goes Hollywood
Stinky's Pumpkin
Stoop Kid
Stuck In A Tree
Student Teacher
Synchronized Swimming
Teachers' Strike
The Aptitude Test
The Baseball
The Big Scoop
The Flood
The Journal
The List (uncredited)
The Sewer King
Weighing Harold
What's Opera, Arnold?
Wheezin' Ed
World Records

Jerry Berman

Season 1

Harold's father.  (He hasn't been on long enough to know anything more about him.)

Voice: David Wohl
Fishing Trip
Harold the Butcher
Harold's Bar Mitzvah
Harold's Kitty
Hey Harold!
On The Lam
The Aptitude Test
Weighing Harold

Marilyn Berman

Season 1

Harold's mother.

Voice: Kath E. Soucie
Harold the Butcher
Harold's Bar Mitzvah
Harold's Kitty
Hey Harold!
On The Lam
The Aptitude Test
Weighing Harold

Harold's Aunt (name not mentioned)

Her only appearance is to yell at Harold not to throw snowballs at buses in "Snow" (which he does anyway)

Voice: Tress MacNeille