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Rhonda - Season 1

Rhonda - Princess

Season 1

Season 2
Princess Rhonda

Rhonda - Phoebe glasses

Rhonda - glasses

Season 2
just call me Phoebe

Season 2
nice frames

Rhonda is the fourth-grade fashion expert, which is a little hard to believe when you realize she wears the same red top/black pants/red shoes outfit pretty much every day (there are the occasional exceptions, like the French outfit in "Ms. Perfect" or the winter clothes in "Arnold's Christmas"). Rhonda is the kind of person who believes "geeks ride in the back of the bus", at least until she got a taste of the "other life" herself, after which it was "geeks usually ride in the back of the bus".

Voice: Olivia Hack
A Day In The Life Of A Classroom
April Fool's Day
Arnold & Lila
Arnold Visits Arnie
Arnold's Christmas
Arnold's Thanksgiving
Bag of Money
Best Friends
Coach Wittenberg
Cool Party
Curly's Girl
Deconstructing Arnold
Dino Checks Out
Egg Story
Eugene, Eugene!
Hall Monitor [uncredited]
Harold's Kitty
Helga vs. Big Patty
Helga's Makeover
Helga's Masquerade
Helga's Show
Hey Arnold!: The Movie
Hey Harold!
It Girl
Monkey Business
Ms. Perfect
Olga Gets Engaged
Operation Ruthless
Phoebe Skips
Phoebe's Little Problem
Polishing Rhonda
Pre-Teen Scream
Principal Simmons
Rhonda Goes Broke
Rhonda's Glasses
Runaway Float
School Dance
School Play
Sid The Vampire Slayer
Stinky Goes Hollywood
Stoop Kid
The Flood
Timberly Loves Arnold
Weighing Harold
Weird Cousin
What's Opera, Arnold?
Wheezin' Ed

Brooke Lloyd

Rhonda's mother, who refuses to hear that there's anything wrong with "her perfect little Rhonda", especially from Rhonda herself.

Voice: Lori Alan
Polishing Rhonda
Rhonda Goes Broke
Rhonda's Glasses

Buckley Lloyd

Rhonda's father, who must do something that makes decent money if Rhonda can afford to have three pairs of designer glasses (and did you ever notice how much he looks like his wife?).

Voice: Sam McMurray
Curly's Girl
Polishing Rhonda
Rhonda Goes Broke
Buckley also has a speaking part in "Monkeyman!", but the voice is different - and uncredited