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The "Search For" box looks in the Name, Game System, Rules Edition, Company, and Description fields.
If there are values in multiple boxes, only events that match all non-blank boxes will be shown.
Searches are not case-sensitive.
Single quotes in the search text, and single and double quotes in the data, are ignored.

Wild cards: ? stands for any one character, and * for zero or more characters (for example, "a?b" will find anything with an "a" followed by another character followed by a "b", while "a*b" will find an "a" followed by any number of characters, including zero (so "ab" is a match), followed by "b").

Use AND, OR, parentheses, and double quotes (to search for phrases); two words/phrases are separated by AND by default.
For example:
catan junior will look for both "catan" and "junior"
catan (junior or trek) will look for "catan" and either "junior" or "trek"
"catan junior" will look for the two-word phrase "catan junior"
However, if multiple words are entered, the match must take place in a single field;
for example, D&D 1st will not match an event with "D&D" but not "1st" in the game system and "1st" but not "D&D" in the rules edition.
Also note that, for example, "first" and "1st" will not match each other; enter "(first or 1st)" (without the quotes) to search for both.

Each set of boxes will limit the search to the selected item(s); if no boxes in a set are checked, it is treated as if all of them are.

Click on a column to sort by that column; click on it again to reverse the order
The current sorted column has its header in blue, or in red if it is in reverse order
"End time" will sort starting at 6 AM

Click on an event line to show its details; click on it (or the detail) again to hide them

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