Dexter's Laboratory Episode Guide
(the one that covers all of the episodes)
(at least the 52 "good" ones...)

But first, a few things you might want to note:

Episode 1

When Dexter opens a multi-dimensional porthole and ends up being attacked by a mysterious creature, he sends Dee Dee back in time one hour with a warning message, but "past" Dexter doesn't believe "future" Dee Dee's story - until he sees two Dee Dees

Monkey must defend a city from a giant lava creature awakened by its noise

Maternal Combat
When Dexter's mother becomes ill, Dexter builds a Mom-droid to do her work

Episode 2

Note: the credits from Episode 1 may be shown

Dexter Dodgeball
After taking one too many beatings in dodge ball, Dexter develops a robot suit to gain an advantage

Intergalatic Wrestling Champion Rasslor (voiced by "Macho Man" Randy Savage) challenges all of Earth's heroes to a wrestling match before he destroys the planet

Dexter's Assistant
Dexter gives Dee Dee a smarter brain so she can assist him in his science fair project

Episode 3

Dexter's Rival
The new kid in school, Mandark, steals Dexter's spotlight when he proves to be smarter and have a bigger laboratory - but Dexter finds Mandark's weakness

An intelligent chimpanzee tries to get Monkey to help him extract his revenge on the humans who created him by invading Earth

Old Man Dexter
Dexter tries to make himself older so he can stay up and watch late night TV, but he overdoes it a little

Episode 4

Double Trouble
Dexter tries to get Dee Dee and her friends out of his lab by making clones of himself, but the girls clone themselves as well

Monkey's birthday is interrupted by Barbequor, who is hungry for "Earth-on-a-stick"
NOTE: currently, reruns replace this with "Dexter's Lab: A Story" from episode 37

Dexter's Laboratory
Dee Dee and Dexter put his latest invention, a device that turns people into animals, to use on each other

Episode 5

Jurassic Pooch
Dexter creates a dinosaur with a little DNA help from the family dog

Organ Grindor
Monkey's date with Agent Honeydew has an slight problem: a space creature with an Italian accent takes over Monkey's mind

Dimwit Dexter
A particularly hard problem causes Dexter's brain to overheat and shut down, turning Dexter into a moron

Episode 6

Dee Dee's Room
Dexter looks for his missing invention in Dee Dee's room, but has to protect himself from being infected by cooties

Monkey finds himself fighting for his life against a hunter on a jungle asteroid - but two can play that game

Big Sister
Dee Dee eats one of Dexter's experimental cookies and grows rather tall

Episode 7

Nominated for the "Outstanding Animated Series or Special" Emmy Award, 1997

Star Spangled Sidekicks
Dexter and Dee Dee enter the tryouts to find a sidekick for Major Glory

TV Super Pals
Krunk, Valhallen, and Major Glory all want to watch a different TV show at the same time.

Game Over
An evil video game cartridge zaps Dexter and transports him inside the computer's video game world

Episode 8

Babysitter Blues
When Dexter's aspirations to win his babysitter's heart fail because he's too young, he turns himself into a 17 year old

Valhallen's Room
Krunk and Major Glory venture into Valhallen's room for the first time to find his lost "enchanted axe" before he turns into a complete geek

Dream Machine
When Dexter can't sleep due to reoccurring nightmares, he enlists Dee Dee's help to operate his dream machine

Episode 9

Doll House Drama
Dee Dee incorporates Dexter into her convoluted doll house story after Dexter shrinks himself down to doll size to spy on her

Krunk's Date
In the midst of a battle, Krunk gets a crush on She-Thing

The Big Cheese
Dexter tries to learn French in his sleep for a big test, but ends up hearing the same phrase over and over, and now all he can say is "Omelet du fromage"; fortunately for him, the only question on his test is "What is French for 'cheese omelet'?"

Episode 10

Way of Dee Dee
Dee Dee convinces Dexter that he needs to become more free spirited like her

Say Uncle Sam
Major Glory's uncle, Sam, is about to pay a visit, and the apartment's a mess

Tribe Called Girl
Dexter realizes he knows nothing about "the species called 'Girl'", and decides the best way to study them is to camouflage himself and see them in their natural habitat - Dee Dee's room

Episode 11

Space Case
Dexter wards off aliens by giving them a subject to take back with them for study - Dee Dee

While trying to fix the toilet, the Justice Friends find a RatMan living in their basement

Dexter Debt
It looks like the lab will be repossessed when Dexter gets a bill from NASA (why does everybody pronounce it "Nassau"?) for 200 million dollars

Episode 12

Dexter's Rival
(Repeat of the Episode 3 first story)

Bee Where?
Major Glory is unnerved by a bee in the apartment

In a continuation of "Dexter's Rival", Mandark resorts to magic to beat Dexter at a Science Fair, but then the two of them have to team up to rescue Dee Dee from Mandark's "experiment"

Episode 13

Inflata Dee Dee
Dee Dee floats away when she tries on Dexter's newly built Inflatable Suit

Can't Nap
After a night of crimefighting, Valhallen invites White Tiger to sleep at the apartment, forgetting that Major Glory is highly allergic to cats

Dee Dee's constant yammering causes Dexter to give her a silencing potion, but by mistake he gives her one that turns her into a monster instead

Episode 14

Beard to be Feared
Dexter wants to be rugged like his favorite action hero, Action Hank, and figures the way to do it is to grow a beard like his

Quackor the Fowl
Mandark is unaware that his pet duck is really Quackor the Fowl, who hears Mandark talk (in his sleep) about destroying Dexter's lab and tries to do it, not aware that it contains Dexter's pet - Monkey

Ant Pants
Dexter and Dee Dee wear ant costumes and shrink into Dexter's ant farm

Episode 15

Mom and Jerry
Dexter transplants his brain with a mouse, and has to avoid being exterminated by his mother

Chubby Cheese
At the Chubby Cheese pizza restaurant, Dexter tries to slow down the Whack The Weasel machine to win a stuffed Monkey doll before Dee Dee does

That Crazy Robot
One of Dexter's robots becomes Dee Dee's slave, willing to destroy anyone who is mean to her - like Dexter

Episode 16

D & DD
Dexter's friends, tired of the traps dungeon master Dexter sets in their role-playing game, put Dee Dee in charge instead

Hamhocks and Armlocks
Dexter's father gets challenged to an arm wrestling match against a local champion in a truck stop, forcing Dexter to develop a robotic arm out of truck parts

Episode 17

Hunger Strikes
Dexter undergoes radiation therapy so he can like vegetables, but he turns into a Grunk-like monster if he goes too long without them

The Koos is Loose
Dee Dee's imaginary friend comes to life and bothers Dexter

Morning Stretch
Dexter creates a helmet that expands 30 seconds into 30 minutes, but realizes some side effects, like the fact that the shower water takes a long time to reach him

Episode 18

Dee Dee Locks and the Ness Monster
Dexter's mother makes him read to a sick Dee Dee, but when she doesn't like the story Dexter is reading, she makes up one of her own

Dexter manages to combine the car and Dee Dee, who takes him for a ride

Dexter takes a library book without checking it out, so he and Dee Dee try to sneak it back in

Episode 19

Sister's Got a Brand New Bag
Dexter tries to avoid Dee Dee and her new dance

Shoo, Shoe Gnomes
Dexter calls upon "shoe gnomes" to repair his boots, but the gnomes won't leave once they get there

Lab of the Lost
Dexter's latest invention, a hovercraft, transports him into the "old part of the lab" where his earliest inventions, long since forgotten, extract their toll

Episode 20

Dexter and Dee Dee attach labels to everything in the house

Game Show
Dexter and Dee Dee compete against each other on a game show

Fantastic Boyage
Dexter tries to inject himself into Dee Dee, but gets into the pet dog instead

Episode 21

Filet of Soul
Rather than flush their dead goldfish, Dexter and Dee Dee wait to give it a proper burial, but the spirts of all dead goldfish haunt them

Golden Diskette
Dee Dee finds a "golden diskette" allowing her and Dexter entrance to a long-thought-deserted software plant

Episode 22

When Dee Dee pummels Dexter with snowballs, their father trains Dexter to be the snowball terror he was, mainly because he feels Dee Dee's skills come from the one person to hit him with a snowball

*Figure Not Included
Dexter can't join his local Major Glory Gang because he doesn't have an action figure, so he makes his own

Mock 5
Dexter wants to race in the "Annual Soapbox Derby down Volcano Mountain", so he and his father build the "Mock 5" - but the mysterious "Racer D" gets involved

Episode 23

Ewww That's Growth
Dexter is too tired of being "too short" to do things, so he makes himself taller

Nuclear Confusion
Dee Dee hides Dexter's nuclear lamp's power core, and Dexter has to solve a series of clues to find it before the power source goes critical

Germ Warfare
A sick Dee Dee infects Dexter's lab

Episode 24

A Hard Day's Day
It's not a fine day for Science, at least until Dexter finds a way to get the moon out of the way of Saturn and its "science waves"

Road Rash
Dexter's parents feel he's not getting enough fresh air, so they get him a bike, but he's unable to catch Dee Dee on her inline skates

Ocean Commotion
Dexter and family go to the beach, where Dexter tries to communicate with whales - but Dee Dee has an easier time talking to the dolphins

Episode 25

The Bus Boy
A couple of girls knock Dexter's pencil into the deep, dark back of the bus, where Dexter has to deal with the legend of a kid who went back there years ago and never returned

Things That Go Bonk in the Night
After a Puppet Pals marathon, Krunk dreams the Puppet Pals are attacking puppet versions of Major Glory and Valhallen

Ol' McDexter
Dexter thinks he's going to a high-tech farm for summer camp, but he ends up at an Amish farm instead

Episode 26

Sassy Come Home
Dexter hunts for Sasquatch, who is attracted to Dee Dee and her large feet

Photo Finish
Dee Dee photographs Dexter's lab, and Dexter tries to get the film back from the Fotomat before his mother can see the pictures

Episode 27

Star Check Unconventional
Dexter and his friends try to escape a doll convention while dressed as "Star Check" characters

Dexter is Dirty
Rather than take a lot of baths, Dexter laminates himself

Ice Cream Scream
Dexter tries to make the ice cream truck stop

Episode 28

Decode of Honor
Dexter and Dee Dee's secret decoder rings hold the keys to joining the Sugar Hanks and Pony Puff fan clubs

World's Greatest Mom
Dexter gives his mother super powers

Ultrajerk 2000
Dexter's new robot is slowly taking over his lab

Episode 29

Techno Turtle
Dexter rebuilds Dee Dee's pet turtle (which Dee Dee thinks is a bird stuck in its shell)

In order to find out what birthday pressents he got, Dexter turns himself invisible

Got Your Goat
Dexter and Dee Dee go to South America to stop one of Dexter's lab animals from attacking goats

Episode 30

Dee Dee Be Deep
Dexter tries to improve Dee Dee's singing voice, but Dee Dee turns herself into a booming bass

When an "Action Hank" episode is interrupted by the Emergency Broadcast System, Dexter tries to handle every possible emergency so it will stop

Down in the Dumps
Dee Dee's favorite teddy bear gets sent to the dump

Episode 31

Unfortunate Cookie
Dexter and Dee Dee get attached by a chinese finger trap

The Muffin King
While their mother is out shopping, Dexter and Dee Dee have to keep their father away from their mother's freshly-baked muffins

Episode 32

Picture Day
Tired of too many bad school photos, Dexter transforms his face

Now That's a Stretch
Dexter combines himself with bubble gum so he can stretch, but Dee Dee decides to chew him out - literally

Dexter Detention
Dexter gets sent to detention

Episode 33

Don't Be a Baby
Dexter tries to make himself and Dee Dee older, but instead makes everyone else younger, and the two of them have to keep an eye on their infant parents

Peltra, Hanna-Barbera's answer to Cruella DeVil, wants Monkey's coat

G.I.R.L. Squad
After a crime prevention talk at school, Dee Dee, Mee Mee, and Lee Lee become crimefighters

Episode 34

Sports a Poppin'
Dexter's father wants to teach Dexter some sports, but Dexter is just not the athletic type

Koos a la Goop a Loop
Dee Dee enters the land of his imaginary friend (where nobody else can see or hear her), where she thinks he's the King - because that's what he told her

Project DeeDee
Dee Dee tries working on a science project without Dexter's help

Episode 35

Topped Off
Dexter and Dee Dee, amazed at the transformations their parents go through every morning after a cup of coffee, try it for themselves

Dee Dee's Tail
When Dee Dee complains that she's tired of just pretending to be a Pony Puff Princess, Dexter turns Dee Dee into a pony

No Power Trip
Dexter uses too much power, causing his laboratory to shut down until he can recharge it - but he needs a power source first

Episode 36

Sister Mom
Dexter is afraid to bring his mother (who thinks her two children are perfect) to see his principal, so he changes Dee Dee to look like her

The Laughing
At Dee Dee's birthday party, Dexter is bitten by a clown's dentures, turning him into a clown every night

Episode 37

Dexter's Lab: A Story
Dexter has a lab - a Labrador Retriever dog - and invents a way to make it speak English, but there are some things man was not meant to hear

Coupon For Craziness
At the supermarket, Dexter gets switched with another, more average boy who has scientists for parents

Better Off Wet
Dexter tries to avoid being pushed into the pool by his father

Episode 38

Critical Gas
After eating an extra-large burrito, Dexter gets gas pains - and thinks he only has 30 minutes to live

Let's Save The World You Jerk!
Dexter has to team up with Mandark to prevent asteroids from destroying Earth

Average Joe
An intelligence test brands Dexter as "average"

Episode 39

Rushmore Rumble
Dexter and Mandark bring Abe Lincoln and George Washington to life from Mount Rushmore

A Boy And His Bug
When Dexter neglects his pet bug (created to eat the creations Dee Dee destroys), the bug eats up most of the lab

You Vegetabelieve It!
Dexter's untested growth formula causes the plants in the garden to grow to enormous size

Episode 40

Aye Aye Eyes
A little girl with big eyes seems to be following Dexter everywhere after he returns a doll she dropped

Dee Dee and the Man
Dexter "fires" Dee Dee, but when he realizes he needs her chaos, he tries to hire a replacement sister

Episode 41

Old Flame
Impressed by the fact that quite a few technological developments stem from the invention of fire, Dexter brings the caveman who first discovered it back from the past

Don't Be A Hero
Dexter tries to turn himself into a superhero, but every superpower has its share of superproblems

My Favorite Martian
Dexter travels to Mars to find some intelligent life - with Dee Dee stowing away in his capsule

Episode 42

Paper Route Bout
In the style of classic Japanese film, Dee Dee's paper route is challenged by a team of rogue bicyclists (dressed as Ninjas) who use their papers for destruction

The Old Switcherooms
Dexter's father makes him and Dee Dee stay in each other's rooms, but Dexter can't help but think what Dee Dee is doing to his laboratory

Trick Or Tree House
Dee Dee builds a treehouse, and Dexter wonders why everybody but him gets to see it

Episode 43

Quiet Riot
After working through the night, Dexter tries to get some sleep - in spite of Dee Dee's attempts to make sure everything stays quiet

Accent You Hate
A school bully who doesn't like kids with "funny accents" picks on Dexter

Catch Of The Day
Dexter's father tries (and tries and tries) to get himself and Dexter to his fishing spot before (a) the sun comes up and (b) anybody else gets there

Episode 44

Dad Is Disturbed
Dexter's father tries to watch a golf tournament on TV

When Dexter's glasses break, broken glasses suddenly become "cool"

That's Using Your Head
Dexter thinks that a homeless person who wears electronic equipment on his head and keeps talking random electronic gibberish can communicate with aliens and takes him to the lab to "improve reception"

Episode 45

In the style of one of those "European art house films" that only film critics seem to enjoy, Dexter endures a trip to a hardware superstore to get a light bulb

Just An Old Fashioned Lab Song...
Dexter takes piano lessons - from someone who looks like, sounds like, sings like, has the same last name as, and is voiced by, Paul Williams - and discovers he has more musical aptitude than he thought

Dexter is afraid that an electrical repairman is going to discover his secrets - at least until Dexter discovers the repairman can improve the electrics in the lab

Episode 46

Dexter invents a belt that can have its wearer do everything backwards, only to get into trouble when Dee Dee manages to get control of the time directional switch

The Continuum Of Cartoon Fools
Dexter tries to figure out how Dee Dee keeps getting into his lab

Sun, Surf, and Science
In order to get Dee Dee away from a "surfer dude", Mandark enters a surfing contest and sets traps in the ocean, only to discover that Dee Dee is in the contest as well

Episode 47

Big Bots
Dexter and Dee Dee, inside their giant robots, try to save an island's population from being destroyed by a volcano - assuming they don't destroy each other first

Gooey Aliens That Control Your Mind
Dexter's parents and Dee Dee have their minds taken over by an alien life form that escaped Dexter's attempts to analyze it

Misplaced In Space
Thanks to a transporter mishap, Dexter is a slave on an alien world

Episode 48

Dee Dee's Rival
Mandark's sister, Olga Astronominoff (but you can call her "Lalavava"), tries to upstage Dee Dee at dance school, resulting in a battle of dancing Dexter-vs-Mandark-created mechanoids

Pslyghtly Psycho
Mother's Day is Dexter's mother's worst nightmare; she has to spend the entire day watching her husband and children do the "cleaning" while she sits in a chair...without her gloves

Game For A Game
When Dee Dee said she could beat Dexter in any game, any time, anywhere, she probably didn't have in mind the games Dexter devised

Episode 49

Blackfoot and Slim
A nature documentary team observes "Blackfoot" (Dezter) and "Slim" (Dee Dee) in their "natural habitat"

Trapped With A Vengeance
The school janitor, tired of having to stay late every night until Dexter leaves and clean up the mess Dexter keeps making, plans his revenge

The Parrot Trap
Dexter has to keep his robot parrot from telling Dexter's parents about the laboratory

Episode 50

Dexter and Computress Get Mandark!
When a six-year-old boy sent in an episode idea on audio cassette, complete with voices (he did a pretty good Dexter, and his Mandark wasn't too shabby either), the show's producers decided to animate a story directly from the tape (complete with animation done as if a six-year-old did it all) about Dexter and "Mandark's sister Computress" teaming up to make Mandark's head shrink

Pain in the Mouth
Krunk gets a tortilla chip stuck in his tooth, but rather than take him to the dentist, Major Glory decides to pull it out himself

Dexter vs. Santa Claws
Dexter tries to prove to Dee Dee that "Santa" is really their father, who drives his car (disguised as a sleigh) on the roof

Episode 51

Nominated for the "Outstanding Animated Series or Special" Emmy Award, 1998

Blue Falcon enlists Dexter to fix Dyno-Mutt; when Dexter's improvements turn Dyno-Mutt into a killing machine, "Dex-Star" and Blue Falcon try to stop it

An operatic version of Dexter's life

Episode 52

Last But Not Beast
In Japan as part of a student exchange program, Dexter gets involved in a battle of mechanoids and inadvertantly releases a giant monster bent on destruction; when Global Security (including the Commander himself) and the Justice Friends put together can't stop it, it's up to Dexter, his family, his giant 4-person mechanoid, and an assist from Monkey

Are you going to include the new episodes?

Maybe someday, but the main problem is, I don't know in which order they aired (except that the hour-long time travel one was #53).

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