AAAHH!!! Real Monsters Episode Guide

Will there be more new episodes?

No.  The original contract called for only 52 episodes, and when that finished, the producers went on to other things.  The closest they've come to a new episode since then was when Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina made a "guest appearance" in the Rugrats story "Ghost Story".

Will there be more showings of the old episodes?

Only if you get the Nicktoons channel - and even then, some episodes are not shown.  (See the episode list for details.)

How To Read The Guide

Each episode is identified by a three digit number indicating which season it was in and where it appeared in that season; for example, 110 is the tenth episode in the first season.
The text following the episode number is what The Gromble says at the beginning of the episode (when he comes up through the floor and Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm fall backwards).
Below each episode's ID is the title of each story (some first season episodes had just one (long) story) and a short description of the plot. Some episode titles may look funny, but they are taken directly from the show (although they have been changed from all capital letters); for example, "Snorched if you Do Snorched if you Don't" is not supposed to have a comma in it.

Guest Cast listings are in alphabetical order except that "famous" people are usually listed first (for example, Michael Dorn, better known as Worf from the Star Trek movies and TV series, in episodes 112 and 308; keep in mind that people I consider famous and people you consider famous may be two different things - for example, the cast of episode 112 includes David Rasche, star of the TV series Sledge Hammer!, which ran from 1986 to 1988) and do not include these regulars:

Also, because of the typeface used in the credits and the fact that VCRs do not maintain all of the resolution of the original TV signal, some of the names may be slightly incorrect; for example, "A" and "N" look alike (for quite a while, this list had "Billy Vern" (instead of Billy Vera) as Slickis), as do "I" and "K".


101 - "Lazy slimeballs!"

Monsters Get Real / Snorched If You Do, Snorched If You Don't
On his first human-scaring assignment, Ickis leaves his monster manual behind, and Krumm and Oblina race to retrieve it before Ickis gets Snorched
Note that although there are two titles, this is one story that lasted the entire episode; part one was called "Monsters Get Real" and part two was called "Snorched if you Do Snorched if you Don't"

102 - "Get down here!"

This episode is probably aired only around Halloween
Guest Cast: Steven L. Hartman, Andrew Leeds, Susan Blu, Gabrielle Boni, E. Faye Butler, Jim Cummings, Debi Derryberry, Pamela Hayden, Jarrett Lennon, Aaron Michael Metchik, Ron Taylor, Erik van Detton
The Switching Hour
The Gromble tells his students they can't go out on Halloween, but Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina go out anyway, where Ickis ends up switched with a young boy dressed in an Ickis costume

103 - "Just stow it!"

Guest Cast: George Segal (as J.B.), E.G. Daily (as the movie assistant), Joel Brooks, Scott LaRose, Sheryl Lee, Loren Lester, Neal McDonough, Kath Souci (also known as Soucie)
Curse of the Krumm
When Krumm loses his stench, he returns home to his father, Horvak the Mold Farmer, who explains that all of his ancestors had the same problem, but Ickis and Oblina are determined to find a new scaring style for him
Krumm Goes Hollywood
Krumm stumbles onto a monster movie set, where the director sees him as America's newest horror sensation

104 - "Fess up, slimeball!"

This episode does not appear to be aired by Nicktoons; it's possible that, after the September 11, 2001 attacks, they do not want to show anything resembling a plane crash (an episode of Rocko's Modern Life that has a plane crash is also not aired by Nicktoons)
Monstrous Makeover

Ickis thinks he's too cute to be a monster (a human says he has "snoonky-wooky-cheeks"), so he decides to go to a "monster doctor" - someone who, through his own incompetence, turns humans into monstrous figures
A Wing and a Scare
Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina are told to scare a little girl and end up following her on an airplane

105 - "Get a Neilsen box!"

Krumm's Pimple
A pimple on Krumm's head grows a mouth, and a personality, of its own
The Monster Hunter
Simon needs to find proof that monsters exist or he'll lose his grant, so he stakes out the dump

106 - "You blowhards!"

Guest Cast: David Paymer, Michael Tucker, Jeannie Elias, Nick Jameson, Michael Keenan, Rodney Saulsberry, Kath Soucie
Monsters Don't Dance
Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina try to "deprogram" Murray the Monster, who's actually an actor in a monster suit
Gone Shopp'n
Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina get locked in a mall after hours, where they become preoccupied with a lava lamp - or, as Oblina puts it, "The Lahmp"

107 - "Not you again!"

Guest cast includes Andrea Martin as The Gromble's mother
Old Monster
An old monster (and mentor of The Gromble) nods off when addressing the class, prompting the students to make fun; when The Gromble makes Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina escort him home, he teaches them a lesson in well as a story of how The Gromble got his trademark shoes
Mother May I
The Gromble's mother pays a visit to the Academy, and ends up being captured by a zoo, which thinks she's a rare Mongolian Yak they've been expecting

108 - "I'll get you!"

Don't Just Do It
A bully monster gets Ickis to take him above ground for a scare; when he runs out of noxious air in his sac, Ickis has to find a way to revive him
Joined At The Hip
The Gromble combines Ickis and Krumm into "Krickus" - but how long can the pair live in one body?

109 - "That tears it!"

Guest Cast: Ian Ziering (as Guldge), Angel Harper, John O'Connell, Rodney Saulsberry, Tazia Valenza
Smile and Say Oblina
Oblina, who once flossed her teeth "to see what it was like", has to pay the price for straight teeth: wearing braces for two weeks
The Great Wave
Krumm competes against Ickis in the annual "riding of the Great Wave" competition (caused by the toilets flushing at halftime of the Super Bowl)

110 - "Lazy slimeballs!" (same as 101)

Guest Cast: Jonathan Winters (as the recluse), Eddie Deezen, Bob Frank, Ellen Gerstell, Peter Slutsker, Pat Musick
Cold Hard Toenails
When Ickis stumbles across a horde of human toenails (which is the monsters' currency), he lets his newfound riches get to his head
Attack of the Blobs
Oblina agrees to "blobsit" - but when the blob hatches, the "bonsty" is ready to eat everything, and every monster, in sight

111 - "Wrong again!"

Guest Cast: Pam Dawber (as the house-buying wife), Bruce Weitz (as Porg), Jodie Carlisle, Mary Gross, Bruce Kronenberg, Joel Murray
Chip off the Old Beast
Ickis' father pays him a visit - but he's too busy being Slickis, the greatest monster ever to graduate from the Academy, to spend much time with his son
The War is Over
Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina try to scare the new occupants of a "haunted house", but they're having trouble not being scared themselves

112 - (I don't think he's saying anything understandable, but some gibberish - he yells something just like it at some of his students at the end of the party)

Guest Cast: Michael Dorn (as Borl and the hospital doctor), Jill Eikenberry, Robert Morse, David Rasche, Nancy Travis, Paul Williams, Roy Brocksmith, Christine Dunford, Chris Hogan, Brock Peters, Keith Szarabajka
Where Have All the Monsters Gone?
The inability of the students to scare anybody is causing "the Pool" to descend, and as it goes down, parts of monsters (including Ickis' body, Krumm's eyes, and Oblina's arms) start disappearing

113 - "I'm outta here!"

Guest Cast: Edie McClurg (as the mother of the family in the dump), Micky Dolenz (as Crazy Jed and Kilowog), Jim Cummings, Alex Dent, David Paymer, John Rubano, Nancy Travis
Simon Strikes Back
After being humiliated on a talk show that also included Bradley (Ickis' first scare, from "Monsters Get Real" (101)) Murray (from "Monsters Don't Dance" (106)), Simon captures Ickis, Krumm, and (with a little help from "The Lahmp", as seen in "Gone Shopp'n" (106)) Oblina; can Ickis talk Bradley into letting them go?
The Ickis Box
Ickis is entranced by a music show on TV (which The Gromble calls "the humans' most diabolical invention - even worse than soap") and tries to create his own to show the others what it was like


201 - "You all make me sick!"

Guest Cast: Bruce Weitz (as Dr. Myron C Luxor - "that's L, U-X, O-R"), Rodney Saulsberry
Spontaneously Combustible
Ickis has a not-particularly-rare disease where he burps fire for a week, but "every burp can be your last"; when a rumor goes wild and the Academy thinks he might cause the entire dump to explode, causing everyone else to think about leaving, Ickis runs off
The Curse Of Katana
Ickis sticks Krumm's eyeballs in the mummy of Katana...and can't get them out

202 - "You tire me out!"

Guest Cast: Candy Clark, Diane Delano, Jeffrey Jones, Mark Klastorin, Kevin McBride, Scott Weil
Monsters Are Real
When Ickis is "flashed" (his picture is taken) and his picture is on the front page of a newspaper, he has to get every issue off the streets before anyone sees it
This Is Your Brain On Ickis
Ickis tries to give Simon the Monster Hunter a nightmare by sticking his finger into his brain - and ends up getting sucked into his brain, where he discovers he can control Simon's actions

203 - "Ickis! You'll be Snorched!"

Guest Cast: Fyvush Finkel (as Jackie Jarr), Bill Faggerbakke, Andy Houts, Gene McGarr, Jacob Richardson, Erick Schickel
Into the Woods
The Gromble threatens to expel Ickis from the Academy unless he can perform a group scare - so, despite warnings from the manual about getting help from humans, he sets up a scare with Bradley
Krumm Gets the Dreaded Nolox
Krumm is sprayed with air freshener and gets The Nolox, a form of hiccoughing where something he swallowed pops out of his mouth... and he'll keep doing it until he gets a strong scare

204 - "Ickis! Where is it?"

Mayberry U.F.O.
A wave sends Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina flying on a hubcap into a backwater town, where everyone thinks they're aliens who landed on a UFO - and there's a shortage of "indoor" toilets
I Dream of Snorch with the Long Golden Hair
Oblina dares Ickis and Krumm to pluck The Snorch's new golden nose hair, which has a life of its own - and ends up getting Snav punished if the three don't say anything

205 - "Where do you think YOU'RE going?"

Garbage Ahoy
Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina hitch a ride aboard a garbage scow - which dumps its cargo in the harbor, which wouldn't be so bad if Oblina and Krumm could swim...
Goin' (Way) South
An explorer's claim that nothing can scare him prompts The Gromble to give Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina a homework assignment - which results in their being dropped in Antarctica

206 - "You look human to me!"

Guest Cast: Jojo Adams, Haven Hartman, Steven Hartman, Austin Kottke, Cody Ruegger
The Monster Who Came In From The Cold
Oblina wears a "human" costume in an attempt to go "undercover", but after she eats some cotton candy, the resulting sugar rush makes her think she really is a human
Puppy Ciao
Ickis brings a puppy to the Academy

207 - "Call ME crazy?"

Guest Cast: Teresa Ganzel (as Smeldra), Liz Georges, Harry Hutchinson, Brent Huff, Noelle North, Dee Dee Rescher, Rodney Saulsberry, Vincent Schiavelli, Rosalyn Sidewater
The Rival
A new student can do everything Oblina can do, and better, which leads Oblina to interpret an invitation to go scaring as a challenge
Hats Off
Ickis steals a magician's hat, thinking that all of the magician's power is in it, and ends up having a nightmare where he's "the Bunny King"

208 - "I can smell you from here!"

O'Lucky Monster
When Oblina steps on a slug, everybody thinks she's cursed; when one too many bad things happen to her, she believes it as well, until Krumm invents a lucky charm - a fish head on a chain
Eau de Krumm
A new perfume, which monsters can't get near, is taking the city by storm; the monsters need to find something that smells worse - but they've already got something: Krumm

209 - "Wipe that smile off your face!"

Guest Cast: Meshach Taylor (as the barber), Liz Georges, Todd Louiso, David Workman, (and as the opera singers) Ian Kerr, Mary Gordon Murray, Mary Jan Weaver
Rosh O'Monster
When the Viewfinder breaks, Ickis and Oblina tell conflicting versions of what happened at the opera, while Krumm's version lacks a few details (but it does give the "Worker and Parasite" animators a job)
Tree of Ickis
Ickis eats something that falls from a tree, and turns into one himself - one that's headed for a lumber mill to be turned into baseball bats

210 - "Now you've kicked the coffin!"

History of the Monster World
The Gromble shows a movie dealing with the history of the world as seen by monsters...including the story of how Krumm's father lost an eye at the Battle of Lexington in 1775
Fear Thy Name Is Ickis
When Ickis scares an artist, he sculpts a statue of Ickis and calls it "Fear"; when Ickis sees it, he lets his scaring streak get to his head and decides to "turn pro"

211 - "Move and you're dead!"

Guest Cast: Bruce E. Morrow, Moriah Snyder, Jerry Sroka
Quest for the Holy Pail
When there's a solar eclipse, Ickis is chosen to take the quest for the Holy Pail, but he won't like what's waiting for him
Garbage In Garbage Out
The mayor announces that all trash is to be recycled, resulting in the dumps running empty and the monsters' food supply (and the monsters' stomachs) shrinking along with it

212 - "Krumm, get back here!"

Guest Cast: Gary Owens (as the clown and the male parade commentator), John Capodice, Richard Doyle, Marla Finn, Billy Hayes, Alex D. Linz, Bibi Osterwald, Julie Payne, Jenny Regli, Jim Wise
A Room With No Viewfinder
Ickis doesn't have a scare for the next day's class, so he decides to sabotage the viewfinder - and then has to chase after it when it suddenly gets a life of its own and runs off
Krumm Rises To The Top
Krumm swallows a helium canister and floats, but having to remain tied to a rock in his room soon gets on everybody's nerves

213 - "This'll scare ya silly!"

Guest Cast: Arthur Burghardt, Joe Fowler, Alan Rosenberg
The Five Faces of Ickis
Ickis needs to perform five scares in one day, so he manages to get five Ickis clones created - who then decide to strike on their own
Bigfoot Don't Fail Me Now
The Gromble takes Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina into the wilderness to prevent Simon from capturing Bigfoot - also known as Elban, an old Academy washout


301 - "Where do you think YOU'RE going?" (same as 205)

Guest Cast: Sam Anderson, Earl Bullock, Marsha Clark, Andy Houts, Katie Leigh
Festival of the Festering Moon
It's time for all young monsters to shed their skins, but Ickis, who hasn't started shaking like the others have, is afraid of what happens to the last monster to shed its skin: they "leave the academy, never to return"
Simon's Big Score
Simon plants a bug among the monsters (literally - Krumm eats a bug with a listening device) and seems to be everywhere the monsters are scaring

302 - "Krumm! Call ME Crazy?" (same as 207, sort of)

Guest Cast: Lacey Chabert (as Tiffany), Ken Hunson Campbell, Sam McMurray
Krumm Gets Ahead
Krumm is tired of losing his eyes, so he has the doctor make him a head (from a purse) - unfortunately, he can't get out of toilets with it
It's Only A Movie
Despite Oblina's warnings that it will give him "pleasant dreams", Ickis sits through a "Cuddles" (a giant talking teddy bear) movie, and then says he's not scared - until the real Cuddles comes to torment him

303 - "Fess up, slimeball!" (same as 104)

Guest Cast: Taj Mahal (as Ellis Robinson), Brock Peters (as The Snorch's "voice"), Diane Delano, B.J. Foster (as Cindy & Joan), Terri Apple
Monster Blues
After a humiliating Snorching, Ickis runs away and ends up making friends with a blind jazz guitarist who team up when his condemned building-turned-home is about to be demolished
I Heard the Snorch Call My Name
The Snorch, tired of requiring Zimbo around to do his translating, has Dr. Buzz Kutt install a voice box; soon, Snorch's new speaking ability allows him to show his intellectual side, something Oblina is looking for after too much of her roommates' antics

304 - "You lost what?"

Guest Cast: Bronson Pinchot (as Dietrich Duchump), Liz Georges, Nancy Linari, Victor Wilson
Amulet of Enfarg
The Gromble entrusts Ickis with his Amulet of Enfarg, which Ickis loses during a scare at a fashion show
Bad Hair Day
When a practical joke goes too far and someone shaves off Krumm's pit hairs (which take 17 years to grow back), Ickis uses some hair-growing tonic he found in the dump to get it to grow back; unfortunately, it works a little too well

305 - "Oblina, Help Me"

Guest Cast: James Cada, Kelly Connell, Rick Corso, Mary-Ellen Dunbar, Brion James, Mia Korf, Judy Reich, Jim Wise
Who'll Stop the Brain?
Too much studying takes its toll on Oblina; her brain leaves her body, turning her into a zombie, while the brain is implanted into the body of a gorilla
Cement Heads
Three monsters, turned into cement gargoyles after a toenail bank robbery 75 years ago, are released by Ickis

306 - "Ickis, You Slob"

Guest Cast: Carlos Alazraqui, Michael Bell, Steven Hartman, David Lodge, Aaron Lustig, Marianne Muellerleile
Ickis and the Red Zimbo
Ickis finds a radio-controlled plane in the dump and uses it for his scares, which annoys Zimbo as he's no longer the only monster who can do scares in the sky
Oblina and the Three Humans
When The Gromble leaves his nephew Chomble with Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina, Oblina reads a monster variation of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" in which a monster living under a bridge lets two Germans across because they say the next human will be a tougher scare

307 - "Ollie Ollie Oxen Free"

Guest Cast: Alice Ghostley, Paul Ben-Victor, Jesse Court, Aeryk Egan, Katie Leigh, Brion James, Julie Maddelena, Joel Murray, Ricki Rachtman, Del Roy, Philice Sampler, Michael Stanton
Baby, It's You
Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina take The Gromble's baby nephew to a hospital for a snack of medical waste, where the baby monster gets switched with a baby human
Monsters Are Fun
When The Gromble sees a carnival ride that has monsters that aren't scary, he asks his two top students, Oblina and Krumm, to scare there - but when Ickis, at the bottom of the class list, decides to show them how well he can scare, he gets himself into a (literally) sticky situation

308 - "Tell it to the Marines"

Guest Cast: Peter Strauss (as Dr. Evil), Ben Stein (as the countdown voice), John Cullum, Neil Dickson, Nancy Everhard, Peter Tilden, Max Wright, Scott Weil
You Only Scare Twice
Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina have to scare Secret Agent 411 in one day or they have to repeat their entire first year of school; there's just one problem - 411 is too busy trying to save the world that he won't stand still long enough to be scared
Less Talk More Monsters
When a radio station announces that they've hidden $50,000 somewhere in the dump, it's swarming with humans searching everywhere in an attempt to find the money - and possibly exposing the Academy in the process

309 - "Enough, Hush Up Now"

Guest Cast: David Graff
Out of the Past
When Ickis' latest scare attempt is shown on the Viewfinder, The Gromble suddenly sees an old foe - and takes Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina with him to settle the score (or is that "settle the scare"?) once and for all
Ship of Fools
The Gromble leaves Oblina in charge of the class while he's away, but her no-nonsense teaching skills don't win her many friends - something she desparately needs when the Academy starts flooding

310 - "Krumm, get back here!" (repeat of 212)

Eye Full of Wander
Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina chase after a snake - which swallowed one of Krumm's eyes
Lifestyles of the Rich and Scary
Oblina takes Ickis and Krumm to meet her rich parents, Skeech and Sublima, who feel that she's too much of a monster (and too good of an Anthraxicord player) to learn something as "common" as scaring

311 - "Ickis, yoo-hoo you"

Guest Cast: Michael Keenan, Megan Morelock, J.D. Roth, Scott Weil, Victor Wilson
Fistful of Toenails
Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina watch old Western movies (despite The Gromble's instructions not to) and start acting like they're in the West themselves; when Zimbo squeals on them, it sets up a showdown at "high moon"
Blind Love, Monster Love
Ickis falls in love - with a Judy (of Punch & Judy) puppet

312 - "Krumm, I'm outta here" (same as 113, sort of)

Guest Cast: John Pankow (as Blook the Granfaloon), Christine Flores, Lauri Fraser, William E. Martin
The Master Monster
Blook the Granfaloon, Chief Prefect and Execute Director of Monster Administration, fires The Gromble for not teaching by the Rules of Monster Conduct (because he lets his students celebrate after a scare)
Slumber Scare
When Oblina is left out of Ickis and Krumm's activities because "it's guy stuff", she, Dizzle, and Hairyette have a slumber party, but no matter where they go on their scaring run, the male monsters seem to be there first

313 - "I'll get you!" (same as 108)

Guest Cast: Richard Moll (as Big Bunny), Andrew Morris (as The Skrink), Mayim Bialik, Lacey Chabert, Dominic Armato, John Graas
Wake Me When It's Over
Ickis starts doing some spectacular scares - in his sleep, after he eats a foil-covered chocolate bunny; can the others stop him before he tries a scare in a soap factory?
Things That Go Bump
When The Gromble assigns a "pair scare", Ickis' partner is a new student who has a habit of bouncing around...and a secret that comes in handy when they scare at a seance
Note this episode was first shown before 312, as part of a Thanksgiving weekend marathon, but 312 was shown in the "weekly" time slot first


401 - "Wipe that smile off your face!" (same as 209)

Guest Cast: Shelley Duvall, Kevin M. Richardson, Kevin McBride, Candi Milo
Oblina Without a Cause
The other monsters don't think Oblina is cool enough, so she turns into an ultra-cool, rule-breaking rebel
Slick Ick
Ickis needs only one more scare to complete his midterm, but after he gets sent through a car wash with a triple-wax job, he has enough trouble trying to walk without sliding around

402 - "Oh, can I go now?!"

Guest Cast: George Kennedy (as Bones Duvalier), Peter Bonerz (as Sal the parasite), Karen Austin, Tristan Rogers
Simon gets three of the world's greatest hunters to capture Ickis, but when Ickis makes fools of them and they want to tear him apart rather than capture him alive, Simon comes to his rescue
Internal Affairs
A parasite makes Oblina extremely hungry, so Dr. Buzz Kutt shrinks Ickis and Krumm down and sends them inside Oblina's stomach to get the parasite out before Oblina eats so much that she explodes

403 - "Ollie Ollie Oxen Free" (same as 307)

Guest Cast: Marsha Clark, Keythe Farley
Battle of the Century
Simon the Monster Hunter creates a huge mechanical monster to capture monsters once and for all, so The Gromble creates one of his own in order to stop Simon
A Perfect World
When Ickis and Oblina are too busy arguing to listen to how Krumm literally scared the pants off of a human, Krumm moves in with Snav and Blib, where he's more fact, he's too appreciated

404 - (I don't think he's saying anything understandable, but some gibberish)

Guest Cast: Bronson Pinchot (as Dietrich Duchump), Danielle Brisebois (as Lulu), Pat McCormick, Ken Hunson Campbell, Nina Goldin, Sharon Mack
Escape Claws
Ickis tries to free what he thinks are six monsters that are going to be eaten by humans, only to discover that they're lobsters, and he promised to return them to their home - the sea
The Lips Have It
A young woman who was rejected as a model by Deitrich Duchump (from "Amulet of Enfarg" (304)) for being "too ordinary" returns when she has special lips - Oblina's

405 - "I can smell you from here!" (same as 208)

Guest Cast: Susan Blu, Marsha Clark, David Graf, Scott La Rose, Michael Leopard, Scott Weil, Jimmie Wood
Walk Like A Man
During one of Ickis' growths, he gets stuck in a toilet bowl and can't shrink back down to get out of it, so he (and Oblina and Krumm) have to walk back to the dump
A Friend Indeed
Ickis is self-conscious of his "bunny rabbit ears" until he meets a monster who left the Academy because he has a face that looks like a human

406 - "Do you know what time it is?"

Guest Cast: Dan Butler (as Mezmo), Doris Roberts, Troy Evans, Rodney Saulsberry
Watch The Watch
While attempting a scare at a casino, Ickis is hypnotized and, whenever someone says the word "human", starts acting like one
She Likes Me?
Krumm gets the idea that Oblina might have a crush - er, "squish" - on him

407 - "Tell it to the Marines" (same as 308)

This episode does not appear to be aired by Nicktoons; they may be afraid that the nuclear meltdown scenes may be too scary for some people (especially after the September 11, 2001 attacks, even though they had nothing to do with nuclear power plants)
Guest Cast: James Sikking (as Dr. Carson), Patricia Clarksen, William Hootkins, David Lodge, Granville van Duben
Nuclear and Present Danger
Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina scare three nuclear plant workers who happen to look like (and sound like - and are voiced by the same actors as) them - and end up starting a nuclear meltdown
Loch Ness Mess
The Loch Ness Monster pays a visit to the Academy, and overstays his welcome, until the others plan to "kill him with kindness"

408 - "That was pathetic!"

Guest Cast: Teresa Ganzel, Kevin McBride, Kevin M. Richardson, Keith Szarabajka, Scott Weil
Super Ickis
After reading one too many Ultra Monster comics, Ickis wears a disguise and becomes "Super Monster" - and a surprisingly brave scarer
The Substitute
The Gromble's substitute is an all-fun, no-work kind of teacher - who kidnaps Ickis, Krumm, and The Gromble (who he considers the sole reason that he's not a full-time teacher himself)

409 - "This'll scare ya silly!" (same as 213)

Guest Cast: Pat Harrington (as Shorty McGinty), Toran Caudell (as the newsboy), Norman Alden, Diane Delano, Brian Doyle-Murray, Stuart Pankin
The Great Escape
A master criminal and escape artist escapes from prison and goes into the dump, where the police capture Ickis by mistake and put him in prison
Beast With Four Eyes
Krumm needs glasses, and the other monsters make fun of him, at least until quite a few of them are left hanging from a tall building

410 - "Ickis, you're toast!"

Guest Cast: Alice Ghostley, Mark De Carlo, Barry Gordon, Mark Bruce Klastorin, Kevin McBride, Norbert Weisser, Stuart Whitman
Side By Side
Ickis and Zimbo are paired together for a scare, but when they don't cooperate, they end up lost in the desert, and have to team up to keep from being captured by a "Mystery Spot" owner
Hooked on Phobics
A humiliating scare failure prompts Ickis to leave the Academy, until he discovers "the easy way to scare" by playing on people's phobias

411 - "Ickis, you're toast!" (same as 410)

Guest Cast: Jason Graae, Mitzi McCall, Michael McShane, Jeremy Ratchford, Jay Thomas, David Workman
Spy vs. Monster
A spy loses a top secret document in the dump, and grabs a drawing Ickis made of The Gromble by mistake; the monsters have to get the papers switched back before someone sees the drawing and concludes that monsters exist
Misery Date
The Gromble wants to go on a date with the Library Monster, but he has to maintain the impression that he's "nice"

412 - (it's not anything intelligible)

Guest Cast: Conchata Ferrell (as Simpah), Johnny Heller, Bill Ratner, William Sanderson, Tom Wilson
Ickis, who's always late, is forced to wear "the clock against which all other clocks in Monsterdom are set", which has an added feature: when he turns it back, he goes back in time
Gromble Soup
When the Gromble is sick, the head cook takes charge of the class and makes everybody eat sweet desserts, so the monsters try to cure the Gromble, but the cure requires a king's crown, a dragon's head, and an ogre's tail

413 - "Losers! It's all over!"

Guest Cast: John Rhys-Davies (as the head judge), Margot Kidder (as Helga), Michael Gilio, Jayne Ameia Larson, Michael McShane, Keith Szarabajia, Jeffrey Tambor, Billy West
Laugh Krumm Laugh
Krumm swallows a costume head covered with feathers, which tickles him, causing him to laugh uncontrollably
Rookie Monsters
After Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina have a fight, Ickis wonders how they became friends in the first place, and he flashes back to their first day in the Academy

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Numbers next to titles indicate which episode the story appears

Andras (A. Rex) Wahorn is one of the show's design/background artists (as well as one of Klasky-Csupo's resident web page designers), and there are quite a few references to "Wahorn":

Looks like Bradley J. Gake has also gotten into the act:

And while I'm at it...

I have been told that the artists tend to use others' names, rather than their own

Monsters Get Real (101)

The Gromble has white claws.
(Also, this story was used for the original pilot, in the same way the Hey Arnold! pilot was remade as "24 Hours to Live".  On the other hand, the pilots for Klasky-Csupo's other two Nicktoons, Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys were not remade.)

Snorched if you Do, Snorched if you Don't (101)
The Gromble's gloves are blue - except when his entire body turns blue, during which his gloves are black.

Curse of the Krumm (103)
How did "the curse of the Krumm" get its name? Krumm's father suffers from it, but his name is Horvak; if "krumm" is a type of monster, why is it Krumm's name? (Maybe it refers to "The Krumm" (like "The Gromble" and "The Shroink") and Krumm is named after him?)
Krumm also uses his name to refer to his entire family line in "Bad Hair Day" (304).

Old Monster (107)
At the end of "Old Monster", The Gromble wonders what would have happened if he had black shoes - but his shoes are black in "Monsters Get Real" (101).
Also, in the flashback, The Gromble appears to have fewer toes on each foot than he does now.

Don't Just Do It (108)
Puhg's name is spelled "Phug" on the Gromble's list at the end of the story, but "Puhg" in the closing credits.

Joined at the Hip (108)
Ickis says he always sleeps on his belly - but in the other episodes where you see him sleeping, he's always on his back.

The Great Wave (109)
When Ickis closes his locker after putting his monster manual into it, his eyes are white instead of yellow - and then he's holding his monster manual (the one he just put in his now-closed locker) again.

Cold Hard Toenails (110)
When Oblina tells the others to stop daydreaming, her left arm is missing.

The War is Over (111)
The picture Krumm destroys during their scare appears undamaged in a later scene.

Where Have All the Monsters Gone? (112)
When Krumm falls on Oblina during the limbo, Oblina's left arm disappears.

Simon Strikes Back (113)
In "Simon Strikes Back", how does Simon know about the effects of a lava lamp on monsters?

Spontaneously Combustible (201)
When the Gromble announces that the quiz time is up, Dizzle's lips should still be visible above the desk, but they aren't.

This Is Your Brain On Ickis (202)
Actually, nobody's brain is "hollow" enough for anything to fit inside of it, no matter how small Ickis manage to shrink.
When he's in the garbage truck, Simon starts biting his right foot, but in the close-up, it becomes his left foot - and it suddenly goes from five toes to four (but unlike "Simon's Big Score" (301), most of the time he has five toes on each foot). Also, somewhere along the ride to the hospital, Simon finds his slippers.

Into the Woods (203)
When Snorch takes Krumm and Oblina away (so they can't help Ickis), Zimbo has a bright red head as if he's been out in the sun too long.
When The Gromble talks about humans finding safety in numbers, his hands grow a fifth, and then a sixth, finger, then they go back to five, and then four.

Krumm Gets the Dreaded Nolox (203)
There is a word "hiccough", but it's pronounced like "hiccup", not "hick-cough" like the monsters do it
When Oblina wraps herself around Krumm, she says that's the method her mother used - but in "Lifestyles of the Rich and Scary" (310), Oblina's mother is clearly incapable of wrapping herself around anything (Oblina gets her "stick figure" from her father)

Mayberry U.F.O. (204)
In the first scene, the clouds cover the moon, but suddenly the moon appears below the clouds.

I Dream of Snorch with the Long Golden Hair (204)
Snorch doesn't have nostrils in any other stories.

Garbage Ahoy (205)
If Oblina can't swim, then how did she save Ickis in "Cold Hard Toenails"? (110)   The answer appears to be that Oblina (and Krumm) can swim, since all three monsters swim away when the octopus lets them go.

The Monster Who Came In From The Cold (206)
Most of the kids Oblina meets have four fingers on each hand.
Also, Oblina had no problem with cotton candy in "Curse of the Krumm" (103).

Puppy Ciao (206)
In the song in "Puppy Ciao", Krumm says "Monsters and dogs rule" - but "dog" is not in the monster's vocabulary; they call them "bark and bites".
"Dogs" also appears as an entry in "The Big Book of Emergencies" in "Ship of Fools" (309), as well as a number of first-season episodes.

Rosh O'Monster/Tree of Ickis (209)
History of the Monster World/Fear Thy Name Is Ickis (210)
Quest for the Holy Pail/Garbage In Garbage Out (211)
A Room With No Viewfinder/Krumm Rises To The Top (212)

These episodes are copyright dated 1996, but episode 213 is dated 1995 (this might be because episodes are usually shown in the order in which they are finished, which is usually the order in which they return from Anivision studios in Korea, but the copyright date might be based on something else).

Rosh O'Monster (209)
In "Rosh O'Monster", they have to polish "all" 451 of The Gromble's shoes - but why would The Gromble have an odd number of shoes?
Also, when the story begins, the moon is full, but when the singers are running away from the theater, it's a crescent moon, which only happens about 1-2 weeks before a full moon.

Tree of Ickis (209)
When Ickis grows a trunk, he suddenly has five claws on each hand instead of four, but the extra claws don't appear in some later scenes.

History of the Monster World (210)
Slickis is a student when The Gromble started teaching in the 18th Century, but in "Chip Off the Old Beast" (111), Slickis says he graduated in the 16th Century.
And how could The Gromble be teaching in the 18th Century if he was one of the Shroink's students (in "Old Monster" (107)) in the early 20th Century?
(Also note that The Gromble was wearing shoes in the 16th Century, yet later flashbacks show him without shoes.)

Fear Thy Name is Ickis (210)
Just before Vincent turns to face Ickis, Ickis' shadow has five fingers on each claw.   Ickis also has five fingers on each claw when he's sitting in the Viewfinder.

Quest for the Holy Pail (211)
The monster at the top of the mountain usually has five claws on each hand, but occasionally one hand or the other only has four.
Also, in the first classroom scene after Ickis leaves, there's a scene where Ickis is still there.
Near the end, when The Gromble says "Ickis can sleep", his left arm and the pointer he was holding vanish.

A Room With No Viewfinder (212)
The Viewfinder doesn't have arms - like it does in "Monsters Get Real", "Into the Woods", and "Rosh O'Monster".

Krumm Rises to the Top (212)
When the clown brings in his new helium tank, you can see his original one (which Krumm swallowed).

The Five Faces of Ickis (213)
The graffiti originally says "The Gromble Eatz Fresh Produce", but the last word becomes "Fruit" at the end.
Also, when Krumm hugs Oblina at the end of the game, his teeth are green.
Not only that, but at the end, Zimbo has a bright red head (like in "Into The Woods" (203)).

Simon's Big Score (301)
Simon has five fingers on each hand, but only four toes on each foot.
Also, in this story, Krumm says "he's taking pictures", but in "Monsters Are Real" (202), the monsters call having their picture taken "being flashed".

Krumm Gets Ahead (302)
In "Krumm Gets Ahead", Ickis and Oblina are afraid of being crushed, but monsters have been crushed flat before (Krumm in "Krumm Gets the Dreaded Nolox" (203), for example) without any problem.

A Room With No Viewfinder/Krumm Rises To The Top (212)
Monster Blues / I Hear the Snorch Call My Name (303)
Gregg Berger is credited as the voice of the viewfinder in 303 but not in the 212, yet the viewfinder speaks in 212 but not in 303.

Bad Hair Day (304)
Krumm says that his pit hair takes 17 years to grow back, but in "Eau de Krumm" (208), it grows right back after the monster doctor removes some

Who'll Stop the Brain? (305)
The Viewfinder has arms in this story, but not in most others.

Cement Heads (305)
The Gromble looks like his modern self in the flashback, but it takes place before other flashbacks where he looks different.

Baby, It's You (307)
In "Baby, It's You", if you listen to the hospital speaker system, you can hear "Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard" being paged; this is a reference to an "episode" of "The Three Stooges" in which they were doctors at a hospital.

Less Talk More Monsters (308)
The credits for episode 308 include Michael Dorn as Borl and "chauffer" - that's supposed to be "chauffeur".
Also, when Krumm eats the money, he says "I hate roughage", but he seems to like it in "Cold Hard Toenails" (110).

Ship of Fools (309)
When Oblina is looking through the books on the bookshelf, her arms (and legs) switch colors; they switch back when she starts falling
Blib's eyes switch between his "old" and "new" ones (see "Fistful of Toenails" (311)).
Just after Oblina, Sloop, Blib, Borl, and Urbab are flung into the water by the wooden plank, Ickis's ears are missing

Eye Full of Wander (310)
Beast With Four Eyes (409)
Krumm doesn't seem to be afraid of heights like he was in "Krumm Gets the Dreaded Nolox" (203) or "Rosh O'Monster" (209).

Lifestyles of the Rich and Scary (310)
Who's the monster who looks like Oblina sitting next to Slickis and Horvak when The Gromble teaches his first class in "History of the Monster World" (210)? She looks nothing like either of Oblina's parents as seen in "Lifestyles of the Rich and Scary".
Speaking of Oblina's parents, how come they've never met Ickis and Krumm before "Lifestyles of the Rich and Scary", especially since there's a photo of Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina in Cairo from over 50 years ago (in, for example, "Monsters Get Real" (101))?

Fistful of Toenails (311)
Blib's eyes were solid black, but they're "normal" (like, say, Ickis' eyes) in this story.  (The rest of his third season appearances use his old eyes, but his fourth season appearances use his new eyes - and a different skin color.)

Blind Love, Monster Love (311)
In "Blind Love, Monster Love", Ickis is taking a bath - but according to "The Ickis Box" (113), monsters don't like soap.

Wake Me When It's Over (313)
Ickis' problems are caused by wrapped chocolates, but Krumm has no problems eating plastic-wrapped chocolates in "The Switching Hour" (102).

Oblina Without a Cause (401)
The first book Oblina is reading is "Be Fonzie Cool!"

Slick Ick (401)
In the first three seasons, Blib was green, but now he's blue (and he still has his "new" eyes like in "Fistful of Toenails" (311)).

Battle of the Century (403)
When The Gromble activates his "Anti-Toilet Resistance System", his ear hairs are the same color as his skin.

A Perfect World (403)
When Oblina is crying, near the end of the scene, watch her lips closely; for about one-tenth of a second, they disappear.

Escape Claws (404)
The restaurant is called "Le Langesta Ristorante", which is presumably French (based on the waiter's accent), but the name is a combination of French ("le" - in Italian, "le" is a plural pronoun), Spanish (my Spanish dictionary says "langosta" means "lobster"), and Italian ("ristorante")
Also, during the sludge fight, Ickis is chasing one of the lobsters, but all six of them are shown in his room.

The Lips Have It (404)
When Oblina removes her lips, there's no "hole" in the body where her lips where - so how, for example, would food (er, garbage) that goes into her mouth enter her body?

A Friend Indeed (405)
Ickis says he's never ridden inside a car before, but he did in "A Room With No Viewfinder" (212) and "Walk Like A Man" (405).
Also, the monsters claim that it's too hard to scare someone in a mall - but what about "Gone Shopp'n" (106), or when Oblina claims that it's too easy in "The Rival" (207)?

Watch the Watch (406)
When Oblina says "I knew I should have kept an eye on that monster", Nigel Cretin (from "Eye Full of Wander" (310)) is in the background.

Loch Ness Mess (407)
Before the Loch Ness Monster knocks the Viewfinder over, the Viewfinder does not have arms, but it does after it hits the floor.

Hooked on Phobics (410)
Obviously, the title is a play on "Hooked on Phonics", but the closest anyone comes to using the word "phobics" is when The Gromble says "phobic scares are not monstrous"..
And Ickis is allowed "to scare wherever and however he wants" - it says so in the Monster Manual, according to "Ickis and the Red Zimbo" (306).

Spy vs. Monster (411)
When Ickis tries to dial 1-800-SPY-NOW, he actually dials 1802*8.

Gromble Soup (412)
Cupcakes contain sugar (the frosting is almost entirely sugar), but nobody seems to be affected by the sugar the way Oblina was in "The Monster Who Came In From The Cold" (206).

Laugh Krumm Laugh (413)
The signs say "Scare-A-Thon", but the judge calls it "Scaring Olympics" (and technically, you're not allowed to use the word "Olympics" in an event in the USA without the permission of the United States Olympic Committee (a few years ago, there was something called the "Reading Olympics" that learned that lesson the hard way), but even if anybody (besides Simon) knew that monsters existed, who's going to tell the monsters that?)

Rookie Monsters (413)
It's strange that the last story contradicts the first one, but the flashback has Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm meeting for the first time in the Academy, but in "Monsters Get Real" (101), there's a picture of them in Cairo from 1928.

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