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NOTE: Whenever a question refers to "the five Simpsons", do not include Grampa or any of their pets; also, "the regulars" refers to anybody who appears in non-"Special Guest Voice" roles (other than Albert Brooks)


1. Did all five of the Simpsons have first names on "The Tracey Ullman Show"?

2. Has anybody ever played him/herself in one episode and a different character in another episode?

3. Has there ever been an episode in which one of the five Simpsons did not appear?

4. Has any annual event happened more than once (besides Halloween and Christmas)?

5. Have all five Simpsons celebrated birthdays on the show?


6. Which of these characters did not appear in the 100th episode?

  1. Phil Hartman as Lionel Hutz
  2. Marcia Wallace as Mrs. Krabappel
  3. Doris Grau as Lunch Lady Doris
  4. Pamela Hayden as Milhouse
  5. Tress MacNeille as Principal Skinner's mother
  6. Maggie Roswell as Miss Hoover
  7. Russi Taylor as Martin
  8. Frank Welker as Santa's Little Helper

7. What is the only episode to have a "Featuring" credit?

8. What do Tito Puente's Latin Jazz Ensemble and The Who have in common that very few other groups do (Red Hot Chili Peppers, for example, do not)?

9. Besides Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria, and Harry Shearer, who are the only people to receive a "Starring", as opposed to an "Also Starring" or "Special Guest Voice", credit?

10. When Dustin Hoffman and Michael Jackson appeared on the show, they were credited as Sam Etic and John Jay Smith, respectively, but what person appeared on the show without any credit (real or otherwise)?
(Not including "news clips" such as Neil Armstrong stepping onto the moon)


11. When did Bart first say "I didn't do it" with the evidence to the contrary "in hand", as it were?

12. What was the title of the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta that Bart got Sideshow Bob to sing?

13. What two things did Bart do which ended up getting Homer being declared insane and meeting "Michael Jackson"?

14. Bart once tried to get a discount at a comic book convention by dressing as what character?

15. What name does Bart say he'll change his name to when he's older?


16. What did Bart do just before telling Marge that "Lisa did it"?

17. According to the Renaissance Faire fortuneteller, on what date is Lisa's (abandoned) wedding?

18. When the Simpsons are lost in a forest, what incorrect instructions does Lisa give Homer about determining which way is North?

19. When Lisa is in Washington, she visits the memorial of Winnifred Beecher Howe, leader of "the Floor Mop Rebellion of 1910"; on what (fictional, just like WBH) coin does she appear?

20. What is Lisa's "legal" first name?


21. Good question! Who is Margaret Simpson?

  1. Just Marge
  2. Just Maggie
  3. Both Marge and Maggie
  4. Just Homer's Mother

22. What do Homer, Captain MacAllister, and Mayor Quimby have in common that concerns Marge and Maggie in some way?

23. How many times has Marge thought Maggie talked?

24. Who was the day care center where Maggie stayed while Marge rehearsed her musical named after?

25. What prompted Marge to refer to Maggie as a "bad baby"?


26. Which of Marge's sisters was born first, and how much later was the second one born?

27. What was Ned Flanders' "Leftorium" going to become had Homer not intervened?

28. From what university did Mrs. Krabappel receive her Masters degree?

29. What were the titles of the two films Apu worked on, one as a screenplay he was writing during adult education class, the other submitted to the Springfield Film Festival?

30. What was the name of the stage musical version of "The Planet of the Apes", starring Troy McClure?


31. "Only I may dance"

32. "This is the worst Christmas ever"

33. "What the hell are you staring at?"

34. "'Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt" (Points off for saying "Abraham Lincoln")

35. "Kuala Lumpur"


36. What was the name of Bart's elephant?

37. What are the sexes of the Simpsons' two cats (Snowballs I & II), according to what limited information is available?

38. Mrs. Krabappel's classroom pets seem to have short lifespans; what were the names of the three pets that died, and how did they die?

39. According to the school's handbook, the teachers can't be held responsible if which student gets swallowed by the school snake?

40. Besides Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II (and Snowball I... and Stampy...and Princess), what pets have the Simpsons had (not including "visitors" like goats)?


41. Who was the only one of the Major League "ringers" that actually played on the power plant's softball team in its championship game?

42. Beverly D'Angelo was the voice of country singer Lurleen Lumpkin the first time she appeared, in "Colonel Homer"; who was the second person to provide Lurleen's voice?

43. What four foods are at least one Simpson known to be allergic to?

44. What television show did Duff Beer sponsor, according to one of the commercials shown in the Duff Brewery tour?

45. What characters have had speaking parts in every episode?


For these questions, "regulars" refer to anybody who has performed in at least ten episodes

46. What two Simpsons "regulars" have roles in Space Jam?

47. Which two "Nicktoons" (Nickelodeon's "own" cartoons) feature one or more of The Simpsons "regulars" in regular roles?

48. On what TV series did thirteen people dress up as Homer Simpson, complete with Homer Simpson masks over their heads?

49. How do you spell Bart's two-word Spanish catch phrase, the first word of which sounds like "eye"?

50. In "Bart vs. Thanksgiving", a Bart balloon is shown on TV as part of a Thanksgiving Day Parade; how does it differ from the one that used to be in the real Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?

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