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Episode 412 
Grandpa's Sister / Synchronized Swimming 

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Grandpa's Sister
Grandpa's twin sister Mitzi wants to move into the Sunset Arms, even though she and Grandpa haven't spoken to each other since 1927

Written by Craig Bartlett
Storyboard Direction by Tim Parsons
Animation Direction by Christine Kolosov
Storyboard Artist: Caesar Martinez

Arnold - Spencer Klein
Grandpa - Dan Castellaneta
Mitzi - Phyllis Diller
Grandma - Tress MacNeille
Ernie - Dom Irrera
Mr. Hyunh - Baoan Coleman

  • Add Mitzi to the list of characters who look like the people who do their voice
  • Grandpa has dishes with "1948 - Coney Island", "1944 - Miami Beach", "1936 - Pike's Peak", and "1932 - Los Angeles", although the 1932 plate originally had a date from the 1940s
  • When Grandpa tells Arnold that he put laxatives in Mitzi's yams, Mitzi is eating yams, despite claiming that she spooned all of them onto Grandpa's plate
  • At first, Mitzi says they had not talked in 70 years while Grandpa said 71, but at the end, they switch numbers
  • This episode is "dated", sort of; since the day they stopped speaking to each other (November 13, 1927) is either 70 or 71 years ago, so it must take place between mid-November 1997 and mid-November 1999
  • If Mitzi owns half of the Sunset Arms, how did Grandpa try to sell it without her permission in "Casa Paradiso"?
  • Just after the mousetrap scene, Monkeyman (see episode 501) runs outside in front of the Sunset Arms

Synchronized Swimming
Coach Wittenberg talks Arnold and the other boys into forming a synchronized swimming team
Written by Joseph Purdy
Storyboard Direction by Chris Robertson
Animation Direction by Christone Kolosov
Storyboard Artists: Aldin Baroza, Miyuki Hoshikawa

Arnold - Spencer Klein
Gerald - Jamil Smith
Harold - Justin Shenkarow
Sid - Sam Gifaldi
Stinky - Christopher Walberg
Eugene - Ben Diskin
Coach Wittenberg - James Belushi
Tish - Cathy Moriarty
Wolfgang - Toran Caudell
Announcer - Lori Alan

  • Looks like somebody's trying to save money: the opening scenes are from "6th Grade Girls"
  • At the start of the episode, Arnold is wearing his hat when he dives into the pool, but then it disappears
  • I'm surprised Sid (or most of the other boys, for that matter) is allowed in the pool with such long hair
  • Just how high is the high dive?  The way Coach Wittenberg climbs it, it looks like it's something like 60 feet high (no diving board is supposed to be more than about 10 feet off the ground; higher diving areas are solid platforms)
  • The YMAA has championship banners for boys tennis, boys ping pong, and "boys spit ball"
  • Actually, quite a few of the things that happened in the synchronized swimming tournament aren't really allowed in actual synchronized swimming events
  • Somebody Check the Broadcast Order: the YMAA building has a banner that says "Fighting Families", which turned out to be the next episode
  • For the few of you who don't understand the whole "Wayne" thing: it's a reference to the western movie Shane (complete with little boy yelling out "Come back, Shane!")

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