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SEASON 4 (1999-2000) EPISODES 

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Season 4 Notes

  • Spencer Klein replaces Phillip Van Dyke as the (third) voice of Arnold
  • The theme song has been redone, although it's the same melody and the same opening animation (and Helga still says "Move it, football head!"); this is the second Nicktoon to do this (Rocko's Modern Life had its theme song redone after its first season)
  • Speaking of the opening, if you watch carefully, one scene has changed; when Helga says "Arnold" while standing behind the large "ARNOLD" on the ground, it's no longer drawn as if she's stretching it out
  • Storyboard and Animation Directors are now listed with titles in each episode's opening credits
  • Although "School Play" was shown at the beginning of the block of new episodes, it was made as a third season episode (and it has Phillip Van Dyke as Arnold), so it is listed in the third season episode list

Episode List

The fourth season of Hey Arnold! began on March 10, 1999, with new episodes running Monday & Wednesday nights.  ("School Play" was shown March 8, but it is considered a third season episode.) 
After episode 407, there were no new episodes until episode 408 first aired on September 11, 1999, when new episodes were shown on Saturday mornings (the first time that episodes did not premiere at night).

Episodes will be numbered in the order shown, beginning with "401" (to indicate that these are fourth season episodes)

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Episode 401

Full Moon
When Harold, Sid, and Stinky moon Principal Wartz, Arnold refuses to reveal who did it, even under threat of detention and a mark on his permanent record

Student Teacher
Helga is not particularly happy about the new student teacher assisting Mr. Simmons - Olga

Episode 402

Big Gino
After Sid works off a debt with loan shark Big Gino, the two become friends, but when Arnold thinks Sid has changed for the worse, Sid has to choose between the two

Jamie O In Love
When Gerald's normally mean-acting older brother Jamie O falls in love, he starts acting nice to everybody, but when Gerald discovers the girl is just using Jamie O, he has to decide if riding the gravy train is worth it

Episode 403

Eugene's Birthday
When Eugene thinks the lack of attendance at his two birthday parties is Arnold's fault, Arnold throws him another party - but Eugene, who thinks Arnold is a jinx, won't attend

Stinky's Pumpkin
Stinky, who thinks he's not particularly good at anything, tries his hand at farming

Episode 404

The Beeper Queen
Big Bob's back injury keeps him from work, so Miriam goes to work for him, and soon spends more and more time involved in the business - and less and less time with Helga

Oskar Can't Read?
No, he can't - until Arnold helps him

Episode 405

Dinner For Four
When Helga discovers Arnold likes Lila's sophistication, she decides to invite him to dinner at a French restaurant - but it's not the one where she won the free dinner

Phoebe Skips
When Phoebe is moved into the sixth grade, Helga has problems finding a new "sidekick", while Phoebe is taken advantage of by the older girls

Episode 406

Helga's Parrot
Big Bob's parrot overhears Helga's love poem to Arnold and flies away - straight to Arnold's room, where Helga has to find a way to silence the bird before it says too much

Chocolate Turtles
Gerald's plan to sell Camp Fire Lass chocolate turtles for a profit has one small problem: Timberly ate all forty boxes of them

Episode 407

Love And Cheese
Arnold tries to get Lila to "
like him like him" by taking her to the Cheese Festival, where he gets help from Helga's attempts to break them up

Weighing Harold
After Harold's weight-loss cruise results in him gaining weight, he gets Arnold's help to get him back to where he was

Episode 408

Back to School
Grandpa admits he never fulfilled his dream of finishing grade school, so Arnold talks him into going back - and he ends up in Arnold's class

Egg Story
Arnold and Helga have to raise an egg together for a weekend, but Helga manages to leave the egg on the bus ride home

Episode 409

It Girl
Helga's world-be-damned attitude makes her the newest sensation in the fashion world, but she's tired of everyone else trying to look like her

Deconstructing Arnold
The other kids in Arnold's class get tired of Arnold giving them advice - until they discover there's no one else there to do it

Episode 410

Grudge Match
Grandpa and Big Bob decide to settle responsibility for a car accident on the golf course, despite the fact that Grandpa has never played golf in his life

Polishing Rhonda
After Rhonda and Patty almost get into a fight at school, they're sent to the same finishing school, where Patty's politeness gives her the advantage over Rhonda's obnoxiousness

Episode 411

Weird Cousin
Arnold's cousin Arnie comes to visit, and everybody thinks he's strange - except Lila, who falls in love with him

Baby Oskar
Suzie's cousin leaves her baby with her and Oskar, who doesn't like being second in Suzie's life

Episode 412

Grandpa's Sister
Grandpa's twin sister Mitzi wants to move into the Sunset Arms, even though she and Grandpa haven't spoken to each other since 1927

Synchronized Swimming
Coach Wittenberg talks Arnold and the other boys into forming a synchronized swimming team

Episode 413

Helga Sleepwalks
Pork rinds make Helga sleepwalk - always to the Sunset Arms in order to confess her love to Arnold

Fighting Families
Arnold, Grandpa, Grandma, Ernie, and Mr. Hyunh compete on a game show against a "perfect" family from PS 119

Episode 414

Headless Cabbie
Arnold's story of a carriage driver who loses his head during a ride in the park becomes a little too familiar when the boys have to walk through the park

Friday the 13th
Strange things happen to Arnold and Gerald after Wolfgang dares them to break superstitions on Friday the 13th

Episode 415

Helga On The Couch
When a new school psychologist notices the way Helga treats Arnold and Brainy, she gets Helga to tell her story

Episode 416

Dino Checks Out
Suffering from a drop in popularity, Dino Spumoni fakes his own death, figuring the news would spark a Dino Revival - but a Dino impersonator taking all of the glory was not what he had in mind

The Specials

Veterans Day
En route to a Veterans Day celebration, Arnold has trouble believing that Grandpa singlehandedly won World War II, while Gerald has trouble understanding why his father was just a paper-pusher in Vietnam