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Episode 513 
Gerald's Game / Fishing Trip 

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Gerald's Game
Gerald becomes obsessed with a card game
Written by Joseph Purdy
Storyboard Direction by Carson Kugler
Animation Direction by Frank Weiss
Storyboard Artists: Aldin Baroza, Miyuki Hoshikawa, Caesar Martinez

Arnold - Spencer Klein
Gerald - Jamil Smith
Grandpa, Dr. Steiglitz, movie ticket seller - Dan Castellaneta
Iggy - Joseph Ashton
Big Gino - Cameron Van Hoy
Dungeon Pawn ("Steve") - Craig Bartlett
uncredited: Kid buying ticket, Kid at bookstore

  • Some of the other books at Lamoreaux's Bookstore (which, you should all know by now, is named for Michelle Lamoreaux, one of the show's regular writers): Kings Queens and You; Chivalry is Not Dead; Frog Prince; Dragons Bite Hard (sounds like Stinky wrote that one).
  • Unlike Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, or most other "card games", The King Rules doesn't seem to be a "collectible card game" where you have to buy more and more cards in order to get the good ones you need to be good at the game; all of the cards seem to be in every deck.
  • The cards and the rules seem to be sold separately; it's not just a regular deck of playing cards they're using.
  • There's a character credited as "Steve"; the best theory as to which character it is is the "dungeon pawn", as the sounds he makes sound a little like Brainy (and Craig Bartlett is credited with the voice).

Fishing Trip
Arnold, Gerald, Harold, Sid, Eugene, and their fathers go camping, and everybody agrees on two things: they're having a miserable time, and they won't say anything as they think that the others are having a good time
Written by Joseph Purdy and  Steve Viksten
Storyboard Direction by Chris Robertson
Animation Direction by Frank Weiss
Storyboard Artists: Aldin Baroza, Miyuki Hoshikawa, Caesar Martinez

Arnold - Spencer Klein
Gerald - Jamil Smith
Harold - Justin Shenkarow
Sid - Sam Gifaldi
Eugene - Ben Diskin
Grandpa, announcer at resort
- Dan Castellaneta
Martin Johanssen - Rick Fitts
Jerry Berman - David Wohl
Nate Horowitz (Eugene's father) - Michael Jeter
Ray (Sid's father) - John Mariano
Davy Jones - Davy Jones
Davy Jones's backup singer - Jim Lang

  • This is one of few Nicktoons where actors has voiced themselves - not counting Action League Now!, I can think of Pat Sajak on Rugrats and Tony Hawk on Rocket Power (as of mid-April 2002 - other Rocket Power "cameos" have been announced but not shown).
  • Grandpa seems to be forgetting some of the camping skills he had in "Roughin' It".
  • The tents they are using are Army surplus (notice the big "US" on them).
  • Nickelodeon - not only can you say "dead" and "farted", you can do it in the same story!
  • However, apparently you still can't use the word "hell" - what Grandpa said was, "Let's fish...for the halibut" (a kind of fish).  It's an old joke; Abbott and Costello used it in one of their radio shows in the 1940s.
  • "Where have I heard 'Miss Suzie Had a Tugboat' before?"  If you're a fan of Rocko's Modern Life, it appears at the beginning of the episode "The Good, The Bad, and the Wallaby".
  • The version of the song sung at the beginning had a much different melody than the one at the end.
  • The Davy Jones version of "Miss Suzie Had a Tugboat" is on the second Nicktoons CD (look for it in the children's section, or the soundtracks/shows section, of your friendly neighborhood music store).
    Actually, the CD has been out of circulation for years. I really do need to update some of these pages more often...
  • Notice something strange about these two stories?  All of the speaking parts are by males.

Lyrics - Miss Suzie Had a Tugboat

Miss Suzie had a tugboat
The tugboat had a bell
Miss Suzie went to heaven
The tugboat went to Hello operator
Give me number nine
And if you disconnect me
I'll kick you in the Behind the 'frigerator
The version at the beginning left out the word "And" and replaced "kick you in the" with "chop off your"
There was a piece of glass
Miss Suzie fell upon it
And cut her little Ask me no more questions
Tell me no more lies
The boys are in the bathroom
Zipping up their Flies are in the meadow
The bees are in the park
The boys and girls are kissing
Way past after dark
(Well, they're walking and they're talking and (they're probably) after dark
There's no surprise there's lots of flies and all the boys and girls are kissin' and they're kissin'...Snee-Oosh)

I'm not sure about a couple of those words

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