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SEASON 5 (2000-01) EPISODES 

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The fifth season of Hey Arnold! began on March 4, 2000, with new episodes running Saturday mornings. After three episodes (and one pre-empted for a Rugrats marathon), the next four new episodes were shown on Wednesday nights. Note that the first two episodes and "Summer Love" were originally made as fourth season episodes but withheld until the fifth season. (As for "Parents Day", I think that was originally made as a third season episode.)

Episodes will be numbered in the order in which the entire episode is shown (note that "On The Lam" aired before "Harold And Patty Arm Wrestle / Arnold and the Rich Guy", but not along with "Family Man"), beginning with "501" (to indicate that these are fifth season episodes)

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Episode 501 (shown in the fourth season in some countries)

Arnold gives the mysterious "Monkeyman" a taste of "normal life" - which he enjoys too much to bother with helping the weak and downtrodden

Buses, Bikes, and Subways
When a field trip ends early because Chocolate Boy jumps into a vat of chocolate, Harold and Helga are accidentally left behind and have to find their own way home

Episode 502 (shown in the fourth season in some countries)

Helga's Masquerade
Helga decides that since Arnold is interested in Lila so much, maybe acting like Lila is the key to making him like her

Mr. Green Runs
When the local city councilman does a poor job handling a pothole outside of Green Meats, Mr. Green decides to run against him for city council

Episode 503

Sid The Vampire Slayer
Sid is convinced that Stinky is a vampire

Big Sis
Helga is glad Olga will be spending her time home in a "Big Sis, Little Sis" program, until she discovers the "little sis" is Lila

Episode 504

Bag of Money
Arnold, Gerald, and Sid find a bag of money, but when Arnold is trusted to hold it and loses it on the bus, everybody thinks he stole it

Principal Simmons
When Mr. Simmons complains to Principal Wartz about the way he treats kids, Wartz resigns, but "Principal Simmons" soon discovers that his way isn't much better

Episode 505

New Bully on the Block
Arnold and the other fourth graders have things twice as tough as they used to when Ludwig, a fifth-grader who doesn't like them or Wolfgang, shows up to reclaim the vacant lot

Phoebe Breaks A Leg
Phoebe breaks her leg in an automobile accident while doing one too many favors for Helga, so Helga tries to make it up to her, but when Phoebe's leg is healed, she feels she deserves more of "the good life"

Episode 506

Helga's Locket
Helga has her Arnold locket inscribed with her name - and then has to get it back from Grandpa, who thinks it's an anniversary gift from Grandma

Sid And Germs
When Sid sees a hygiene film, he becomes obsessed with cleanliness

Episode 507

Harold gets himself suspended, but when he discovers it's not as exciting as it sounds, he tries to get back into the school by any means necessary

Ernie in Love
Ernie has a crush on a fashion model, but he's afraid to ask her out because he's so short

Episode 508

Summer Love
Arnold and Helga spend a week's vacation at the same beach, where Helga tries to keep Arnold away from a girl he likes...and who's only using him to win a sand castle building contest (and the appearance on
Babewatch that goes with it)

Episode 509

Stuck In A Tree
Eugene, Arnold, and Harold end up stuck in a tree in the park, and their fate depends on Chocolate Boy

Rhonda Goes Broke
Rhonda tries to keep up appearances after she and her parents lose all their money and end up moving into the Sunset Arms

Episode 510

When Helga gets amnesia after being hit with a baseball hit by Arnold, Arnold starts acting nice to her, so Helga pretends that she's still affected to keep Arnold near her

Old Iron Man
Grandpa and his lifelong best friend Jimmy Kafka compete in an old men's triathlon

Episode 511

Arnold Visits Arnie
Arnold goes to the country to visit his cousin Arnie (as seen in "Weird Cousin"), and notices something very familiar about Arnie's friends

Chocolate Boy
After gorging on a ten-pound bag of chocolate, Chocolate Boy turns to Arnold for help in giving up chocolate

Episode 512

Harold vs. Patty
Harold feels humiliated (mainly because he is humiliated by Sid and Stinky) after losing to Patty in arm wrestling...twice

Rich Guy
When Arnold stops a hockey puck from hitting a rich man, the man treats Arnold as "the son he never had", which doesn't do much for the son he does have

Episode 513

Gerald's Game
Gerald becomes obsessed with a card game

Fishing Trip
Arnold, Gerald, Harold, Sid, Eugene, and their fathers go camping, and everybody agrees on two things: they're having a miserable time, and they won't say anything as they think that the others are having a good time

Episode 514

When Rhonda predicts (110 times) that Arnold will marry Helga, Arnold and Helga have vastly different ideas as to how life would be like if they really were married to each other

Episode 515

On The Lam
Harold, Sid, and Stinky launch a model rocket that crashes into an old police building...when then explodes (because Ernie was demolishing it), forcing the three of them to flee because they think they're responsible

Family Man
The new owner of the restaurant where Mr. Hyunh works wants to make it a "family restaurant", and wants his new head chef to be a family man, so Mr. Hyunh pretends he has one - with Suzie as his wife, Arnold as his son, and Grandpa as his father

Episode 516

The Racing Mule
Ernie, Oskar, and Mr. Hyunh buy a racehorse - or at least what they think is a racehorse

Curly's Girl
When Rhonda wears a mink coat that's meant to be a birthday present for her mother and gets it stained and needs Curly's help, he makes her act like his girlfriend for a week

Episode 517

Timberly Loves Arnold
When Arnold invites Timberly to the park with himself and Gerald, Timberly thinks she's Arnold's boyfriend - and Arnold won't do anything to stop her as long as Lila thinks he's acting gallant about it

Eugene, Eugene!
Eugene and Lila are the stars of the school musical - but Eugene isn't particularly happy that the director has changed the ending to have the upbeat hero lose the girl to the villain and then get hit by a trolley

Episode 518

Ghost Bride
Gerald's tale of the Ghost Bride is a little more realistic than planned when two ghosts show up

Gerald vs. Jamie O
Gerald, who's tired of Jamie O taking all of his stuff, falls for an older girl, who only has eyes for his (uninterested) older brother

Episode 519

A Day In The Life Of A Classroom
When Mr. Simmons is named City Teacher of the Year, he discovers a film crew will be recording him for a day, so he makes his students rehearse a "perfect" day

Big Bob's Crisis
After Big Bob collapses in a restaurant, he decides that he and his family need to give up their possessions and go back to nature

Episode 520

Phoebe's Little Problem
After Phoebe farts when she's accepting an award in front of the entire school, she vows never to return to P.S. 118

Grandpa's Packard
...is stolen after he wins an award for it at a car show; can Grandma Spade and Armold Marlowe find the thief?

The Specials

Parents Day
When Big Bob calls Arnold an orphan during a student-parent competition, Arnold asks Grandpa what really happened to his parents
Note this was originally made as part of the third season (based on the credits)

April Fool's Day
Arnold, tired of being the recipient of all of Helga's April Fool's Day pranks, plays one on her, but it blinds her, and he has to be her "seeing-eye football-head"

The Journal (one hour episode)
Arnold finds his father's journal, which tells the story of how his parents met, how they got Abner, Arnold's birth, why they went on their "last" trip...and one last surprise

Upcoming Episodes

...well, right now, there are no plans for a Season 6, but Nickelodeon might change its mind if The Jungle Movie was considered a success. Remember, some people though The Jungle Movie would "never" be made...