The older kids

voice: Melissa Disney
Ginger FoutleyGinger in a dress
Ginger Foutley is your typical 12-year-old seventh-grader, with your typical best friends and your typical crush on some boy. Well, that's what she was until Courtney decided to become one of her friends - or, to be more accurate, let Ginger be one of Courtney's friends. Now Ginger has to try to ease her way into "life with the populars" without abandoning the friends she's had for years. Fortunately for Ginger, she has a few talents that can help her along the way; she's a remarkable poet, and a bit of a science whiz. Unfortunately for Ginger, she has to live with her brother Carl and their mother, who's been the only parent she's really known (her father left when she was quite young, and from his ongoing inability to be counted on for anything, isn't coming back any time soon), and she has a few skeletons in her closet, the largest of which is "Frizzy Lizzies" - she has hairy legs, her mother won't let her shave them, and she's too self-conscious to show them to anybody. (At least they were hairy before "Summer of Camp Caprice".)
Over the years, she's gone from one boy (Ian) to another (Darren, who considered her "just a friend") to another (Sasha, who was only interested in her because he had broken up with his other girlfriend just before meeting Ginger, and when his first girlfriend made up with him when he got back from camp, it was pretty much "Ginger who?"), and then back to Darren (who thinks maybe they're "more than just friends" this time).  She's also gone from seventh grade to junior high school graduate, and, if you're lucky enough to live somewhere where they show the episodes, high school freshman.
"Is she related to Walt Disney?"  I've actually seen different answers to this one.
When the show first moved to TeeNICK in 2001, they used to run "factoids" across the bottom of the screen, and one of them said they were distantly related.  According to "The (Michael) Start Report" in the New York Post, Melissa's great-grandmother is one of Walt's aunts on his mother's side (his mother's family name was Call), which brought up the question, "If she's not part of the Disney side of the family, where does her last name come from?"
Years later, I got an E-mail from Aspen Miller (at least I think it was her - I've been fooled before) saying that Melissa uses the last name Disney when she works, but that's not her "real" last name, and that they're not related.

voice: Aspen Miller
Dodie BishopDodie lets her hair down
Deirdre Hortense "Dodie" Bishop is one of Ginger's best friends (and from the looks of it, she seems to be a little closer to Ginger than Macie is). She's also the class gossip and a self-styled expert on fashion, although the fact that she doesn't have Courtney's style (mainly because she doesn't have Courtney's money) leaves her comments falling on deaf ears outside of her circle of friends. Somebody needs to tell Dodie that the real way to separate, as Courtney puts it, "the 'be's from the 'wannabe's", is to stop trying so hard; if it looks like you're trying to get in, then it's too obvious that you belong on the outside, which is where you'll stay. (What do you think those guys standing outside the entrances to clubs who decide who gets in and who stays out do?)
I tried to figure out how Dodie would express herself in her own words...but when she's excited, she's only slightly more understandable than Donnie on
The Wild Thornberrys.
"Where did you get Dierdre Hortense from?"  Dodie's mother calls her that (the way she calls Hoodsey "Robert Joseph") at the end of "TGIF", and in "Lunatic Lake".

voice: Jackie Harris
Macie Lightfoot I don't even recognize this hot mama Macie goes for a youth lookMacie with Brown Hair
To say that Macie Lightfoot is "not in the best of health" is usually putting it mildly; her almost trademark nasal voice comes from the fact that one of her nostrils is almost permanently clogged. If there's anything you can be allergic to, chances are that Macie is. (The big exception seems to be pool water; she doesn't seem to be affected by her home swimming pool, although she does wear a nose clip to be on the safe side.) It's not that she isn't careful; on the contrary, she even wears sandals when she showers for fear of developing foot fungus ("you can't be too just can't"), although she does let temptation get the better of her every now and then, especially when it comes to pudding. You do not want to be in the vicinity when Macie drinks real (as opposed to soy) milk - just ask Dodie's mother.
The big unanswered question about Macie seems to be "how do you describe her hair color?". (Then again, strange colored hair never hurt Reggie Rocket or Marge Simpson (or, if you've seen "All Growed Up", Tommy Pickles) any!)
Did you know...according to Nickelodeon, Jackie Harris gets her "nasal" Macie character voice from her sinus-ridden best friend? (Although, to be honest, I wouldn't put it past Nickelodeon to make up things like this just to see who's copying their stuff without permission...supposedly, maps and atlases include cities and roads that don't exist as "copyright traps" to see who copies them.)

voice: Kenny Blank (name changed to Kenn Michael beginning with "Fair To Cloudy")
Darren PattersonDarren without headgear
Darren Patterson is Ginger's next-door neighbor and her closest male friend. The most obvious thing about him is his massive orthodontia; apparently, advances in things like braces over the last 25 years haven't reached whatever is wrong with Darren's teeth yet. To make things worse, he has to live in the shadow of his older brother Will. Still, he's the closest thing to a father's point of view that Ginger has, even if he does have to drag Ginger back down to Earth every now and then.
The braces came off in "Never Can Say Goodbye", at which time Darren suddenly became, in Ginger's words, "an 11 - maybe even a 12".  Darren suddenly realized he felt the same way about Ginger in "Foutleys on Ice".

voice: Liz Georges
Courtney GriplingShe's Courtney!Courtney with a new hairstyle
You can never have too many pictures of CourtneyCourtney joins the Dark SideWho's the girl in the pink Capris?
It's Courtney - it's Courtney!
Who's the girl who loves to ski? It's Courtney - it's Courtney!
Who throws the best parties? It's Courtney - it's Courtney!
Who's the girl - we all agree: It's Courtney - it's Courtney!
(Taken from the Courtney song in "Come Back Little Seal Girl", also sung by Courtney in "Family Therapy")
Courtney Gripling is rich and popular. Well, rich, popular, and absolutely, positively clueless as to how things work in the real world - after all, she has people to do "common things" for her. (Her idea of a slumber party: everybody sleeps in their own guest room - but on the floor.) Still, something inside of her wants to know how to get in touch with the "common person" (probably because the more she can associate with them, the more popular she can become), and how better than to become friends with one - Ginger. However, that doesn't spare Ginger from being on the receiving end of the occasional "Courtneyism".
Did you know...when the Simpsons started out as a feature of The Tracey Ullman Show, Maggie could talk - and Liz Georges spoke Maggie's line in their first appearance? (Unfortunately, the version of that short that runs in "The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular" has its last few seconds, including Maggie's only line, removed - the short does appear intact on the third DVD in the first season set of The Simpsons.)

voice: Cree Summer
Miranda KillgallenRare shot of Miranda smilingMiranda with a new hairstyleMiranda has boom box hair
Miranda Killgallen is Courtney's best friend and "right-hand woman", although she's afraid that Courtney is grooming Ginger to take over that position, so she's always trying to keep the two of them apart. (It doesn't help Ginger that Miranda is one of few people who know about "Frizzy Lizzies".) Miranda is quite a control freak, and her interest in the latest gossip (second only to Dodie, apparently) is probably nothing more than an attempt to "get the dirt on" as many people as possible. Still, when she needs some real "muscle", there is one person she can turn to: her father, the police officer.

voice: Adam Wylie
Ian Richton
Ian Richton is one of the heartthrobs of Ginger's class; he probably has a number of girls drooling every time he's within range. (Two certainly do: Miranda and Ginger - and Ian is probably the only person who
doesn't know that Ginger's had a crush on him for the past four years, although I would be surprised if Ginger was the only one who's had a crush on him for that long.) Ian is also on the school soccer team, although his grades need improvement; apparently, it's too much to ask for someone to be popular and athletic and good-looking and smart (although making someone maintain a "B" average is a tough thing to ask of quite a few junior high schoolers, much less athletes).
If you don't see much of Ian after Season 1, here's a possible reason: Adam Wylie is on Broadway, as Jack (of "Jack and the Beanstalk" fame) in the revival of Into the Woods

Traci, Heather, Lonnie, Mipsy
voices: Jennifer Paz (Traci), Crystal Scales (Lonnie), Logan Taylor (Heather), Sandy Fox (Mipsy)
Traci and Heather Lonnie and Mipsy

From left to right: Traci, Heather, Lonnie, and Mipsy

Traci "The Tracenator" Leifertz, Heather "Cuddles" Woods, Lonnie Considine, and Melissa "Mipsy" Mipson (note some of those last names may not be spelled correctly) are Courtney's close friends, or at least the ones with enough fashion sense to make the cut for her slumber party. (For whatever reason, Lonnie's name is spelled "Lonnie", even through that's usually the way the boys' version of the name is spelled; girls usually spell it "Loni" or "Lani".)
Mipsy seems to be the most popular of the group, as she seems to be the closest to Courtney and Miranda.  It doesn't hurt that Mipsy has a gossip source: her cousin is the school secretary's podiatrist.

voice: Hope Levy
Chet Zipper
Chet Zipper is the junior high school announcement person (when it isn't Dodie); he, um, speaks in a dull monotone, uh, which is just the thing you need, um, to make kids in homeroom fall back asleep (probably just like your school, right?)
Looks like Dodie saw something when she invited Chet to the dance in "Piece Of My Heart"; they're married and have a daughter (who looks just like Dodie, right down to the pigtails) at the end of "The Wedding Frame".

voice: Guy Torry
Will Patterson
Will Patterson is Darren's older brother (he's in high school, and if he's a freshman then he's an older one as he's old enough to drive a car), and if you ask Darren, Will "rocks the house on the regular" - mainly because if Darren doesn't say things like that, or if he calls him "Wilburt", he might end up tossed into a swimming pool. Will manages to catch the attention of his share of girls, some of whom aren't particularly happy that one of them is Courtney.

voice: Chris Marquette
Stuart Higsby
Stuart Higsby is Brandon's older brother (see "younger kids") and the owner of Brandon's pet monkey (at least in the first season); he also runs the "term paper, test answer, and forged hall pass" racket from the boys' bathroom at the junior high school.

voice: J. Evan Bonifant
Sasha Sasha and Ginger
Sasha is Ginger's boyfriend - at least he was during "Summer of Camp Caprice".   If  you're "Sasha & Ginger" types, I strongly suggest you stop reading here - and stop writing that Sasha & Ginger fan fiction while you're at it.  For those of you who have seen "Ginger's Solo", you already know that he was dumped by his first girlfriend just before school ended, but when he returned from his job at Camp Caprice, he and his original girlfriend got back together.  Still, she dumped him once...
Anyway, they first met at Camp Caprice, where he was one of the workers - he seems to be involved with the animals more than anything else, considering how well he handled the bull birthing.  (By the way, they never mention his last name.)

voice: Justin Cowden
Orion is the drummer in the band in which Ginger sang.  When Ginger and Darren broke up and Ginger got appendicitis, Orion was right be her side, but Ginger never really did get over her feelings for Darren, which may have kept her from getting closer to Orion, and something tells me that, deep inside, Orion knew it as well.
(Oh, and he's not short; he's sitting on a table in the library in the picture.  In most other pictures I have of him, he's behind his drum set, and other band members tend to block his image.)

voice: Erica Luttrell
Simone is a cheerleader for the Lucky High School football team.  (The "G" stands for "Goats", by the way.)  For whatever reason (I haven't seen most of the high school episodes), Darren went out with Simone behind Ginger's back, and came to the realization that he and Ginger just weren't working out as a couple, although the thought of them together may still be in the back of his mind somewhere like it probably is in the back of Ginger's.  Note that they don't resolve the situation completely


The younger kids

Carl (and Monster)
voice of Carl: Jeannie Elias
Carl Foutley
Carl Foutley is Ginger's younger brother. (In the first season, they never come right out and say it, but it is implied that Carl is about nine years old; he mentions "fourth grade science fair" in "The Right Stuff".  In "Fast Reputation", he's in fifth grade, but it's not clear if everyone is older than in the first season or not.) He's also a master of one-upmanship and grossing-out (his hideout in the family doghouse includes a petrified eyeball and Blake Gripling's tonsils), which is a dangerous combination if you try to get the better of Carl. Carl is also able to talk pretty much anybody into anything - Ginger calls it a curse, but as Dodie points out, it can be a gift as well.
How does Carl express himself in his own words? "Classified."  We do know a few things about him: he's severely alllergic to peanuts, and he keeps a lamb doll (with an eye missing) that he's had since he was a baby underneath the floorboards of his doghouse hideout.
Monster was the original Foutley family dog, but as Lois put it, he made a break for it at the first opportunity.  However, when Carl finally tore down his doghouse in "The Wedding Frame", Monster came running - right into Lois's wedding.

voice: Tress MacNeille
Hoodsey Bishop No-Hoodsey Bishop
Robert Joseph "Hoodsey" Bishop is Dodie's younger brother; he's Carl's best, if not only "real", friend and accomplice, at least when Carl can talk him into it, which is pretty much every time. Hoodsey's nickname comes from the hooded puprle sweatshirts he wears (he has a number of them in his bedroom); only his mother and, occasionally, his teacher call him Robert. Hoodsey could stand to lose a little weight.  He also has a bit of a naivete problem: not only does he believe in Santa Claus, he believes that nobody impersonates him - the one in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the "star" of Miracle on 34th Street, and that guy collecting money on the street corner, are all the real thing.

voice: Kath Soucie
Blake Gripling Sailor Blake
Seven-and-three-quarter-year-old Blake Sophia (yes, that is usually a girl's name, isn't it?) Gripling is Courtney's younger brother, and a proper gentleman in pretty much every sense of the word, right down to his accent. There's just one problem: he's always trying to get on Carl's good side, and when that doesn't work, that just makes him more determined to get the better of Carl. (Occasionally, with the help of Winston, he manages to do it, at least temporarily.) Blake is in fourth grade (he's in Mrs. Gordon's class in "Piece Of My Heart", in the fourth-grade science fair at the end of "The Right Stuff", and Mrs. Gordon asks Carl to take Blake's homework to him in "Dare I, Darren?"), despite being two years younger than everybody else.  (True, there are a number of times Blake is nowhere to be seen in Mrs. Gordon's class - "Cry Wolf" and "Fast Reputation", for example - but this is nothing compared to the "revolving door" that seems to be in front of Arnold's class in Hey Arnold!.)

Brandon and Mr. Licorice
voice of Brandon: Grey Delisle
voice of Mr. Licorice: Dee Bradley Baker
Brandon Higsby and monkey
Brandon Higsby would be just another face in the crowd in Carl's class except for his pet monkey (which was his brother's - and wasn't named - in Season 1), which Brandon feels is the best pet on the planet, just waiting to become famous. Brandon is also a talented glockenspiel player, which is not good when you consider that Carl is as well, and for the same reason; so was the town eccentric.  Brandon's parents won't feed him real sugar, which means that he comes by that personality of his naturally.

voice: Emily Kapnek
Noelle (first season)Noelle with flamingoNoelle (second season)
Noelle Sussman is in Carl's class, usually in the background somewhere; in fact, her ability to keep from sticking out in a crowd is what led Carl to try to make her disappear (in "And She Was Gone").  However, Carl soon realized that, far from being "living, breathing wallpaper", Noelle was the most interesting person Carl had ever met (yes, that's another way of saying Carl and Noelle are "a couple").  She has a quite unusual talent; she has telekinetic powers - she can move things with her thoughts.
Noelle was born in Portugal (which explains the dark skin), was held back a year (in kindergarten, she refused to take naps), and owns a pink flamingo (which you can see in "Hello Stranger").  In "The Wedding Frame", it is revealed that her family owns a trailer park.
Notice that Noelle's cheeks are more rounded in the earlier episodes than in the later ones.

voice: Paula Tiso
Polly Shuster is for the birds.  Literally - she acts like a bird, squawks like a bird, and when you give her a few golf balls, she squats and lays eggs like a bird.  She even thinks she's a bird on occasion.  You know somebody this weird is bound to capture Carl's interest.

voice: Laraine Newman
Terrence appears to be Lucky Elementary School's resident bully, but in this case the battle of "brains vs. brawn" seems to have been won by the brains, as he appears to be under Carl's control.  There's a good reason he's bigger than everybody else; he's been held back a grade twice.

Voice: Hope Levy
Melanie is Sasha's younger sister, and Ginger's way of finding out how Sasha really feels about her. They met at Camp Caprice when Ginger saw Melanie trying to play a guitar and gave her a friendship bracelet (before discovering who her brother was). Melanie is "almost nine", which probably means she had just finished third grade.

Junior, Junior Sr., and Rhesus
Voice of Junior and Junior Sr.: Katie Leigh
Voice of Rheses: Laraine Newman

Junior, Junior Sr. (that's "junior senior"), and Rhesus (from left to right in the picture) are Buzz's sons.  (Those may not be their "real" names; he is about to say why he calls Rhesus by that name when he is interrupted by something.) Junior and Junior Sr. are twins.  They won't say "no" to a good meatball sandwich (that makes three of us).

The adults

voice: Laraine Newman
Lois Foutley
Lois Foutley (I suppose it's Lois Dave after her wedding; they never say what her maiden name is) is Ginger and Carl's mother. Long since divorced from her first husband, she has to raise two kids on her own as a nurse at the local hospital, even if it means working the occasional night shift. Don't expect her to suddenly turn into the "understanding TV mom of old"; whereas most TV mothers would have shrugged off Ginger's "fake-up" school picture (probably with a few words of wisdom and a hug), Lois grounded Ginger indefinitely - "end of discussion".
Did you know...Laraine Newman is (probably) the most well-known of the regular voice actors, having been one of the original "Not Ready for Prime-Time Players" (along with, among others, Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, and Jane Curtin) from Saturday Night Live? (Bonus Trivia: the reason that show's opening says "It's Saturday Night" and not "It's Saturday Night Live" is because the show was originally called NBC's Saturday Night - because ABC had a show at the same time called Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell.)

voice: John Kassir
Winston is the Gripling family chauffeur and butler - and Blake's closest friend and accomplice in his attempts to get the better of Carl. From the looks of things, he's the closest thing Blake has to a "father figure" (although Blake's father is still alive; Courtney talks to him on the phone in "Stealing First" (just before Ginger gets on the bus) - he's probably just busy doing "millionaire things").  However, now that the Griplings lost just about all of their money in "The Wedding Frame", it's not clear if Winston has a job any more, although from the fact that Winston is sitting with the Griplings at the wedding, perhaps some things are more important than money.  (Besides, the Daves could probably use someone of Winston's talents, and he already is used to saying "Master Carl"...)

Ms. Zorski
voice: Elizabeth Halpern
Ms. Zorski
Eleanor Zorski is Ginger's homeroom teacher, and could possibly be her English teacher as well, seeing as how she's familiar with Ginger's poetry and runs the school arts fair. Note that most kids call her "Mrs. Zorski" or "Mrs. Z", but she's always credited as "Ms. Zorski".
"How do you know her first name?"  It's mentioned in "Stuff'll Kill Ya".
Did you know...according to a question asked during the 2002 Thanksgiving marathon, Ms. Zorski is named for one of Emily Kapnek's teachers.

Mrs. Gordon
voice: Kathleen Freeman
Gordo - er, Mrs. Gordon
Elaine Gordon is Carl's (and Hoodsey's and Brandon's, and possibly Blake's as well) least she was before she died.  (Her first name is mentioned at the end of "No Hope For Courtney".)  Before her death, she had been teaching for 14 years, yet she never did get her own parking spot.
Kathleen Freeman, who had been fighting lung cancer, died on August 23, 2001 (at age 78)
Did you know...Kathleen Freeman had a regular role on Hogan's Heroes? (She was (most of the time) General Burkhalter's sister, the one he was trying to get married again, usually to Colonel Klink, despite her protests that her husband was "only missing in action"...on the Russian Front...for over two years.) (Bonus history lesson: the USA and the USSR were on the same side during World War II - they both fought the Germans, from opposite directions. Good thing, too; had the Soviets not been fighting as well, there would have been a lot more Germans on the French beaches just waiting to stop the D-Day invasion...)

Joann (Dodie / Hoodsey's mother)
voice: Susan Krebs
Don't Call Me Jojo
Joann Bishop is Dodie's and Hoodsey's mother. In Season 1, you don't see or hear much of her except when somebody needs to tell Dodie or Hoodsey (or somebody at their house) things, but she's getting a little more coverage starting with Season 2.  She's not exactly the happiest person in Sheltered Shrubs, but you wouldn't be either if your problems could usually be described in two words: Carl Foutley.  According to the 1980 Lucky Junior High yearbook, she was "Missed Popularity", and she wasn't any more popular when she tried to hang out with Courtney and her friends while teaching there; Dodie seems to be the prefect example that "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."  She won't eat "cheap tuna" as she's allergic to mercury (it must have been tough taking her temperature).  And don't call her Jojo.
In Season 2 (except for "Gym Class Confidential"), Joann is credited as "Joanne"; however, Mark Risley tells me that Emily Kapnek prefers that it be spelled without the E.  In "The Easter Ham", she is credited as "JoAnn", without the E but with a capital A.  In "The Wedding Frame", it is back to "Joann".

Dave (Dodie / Hoodsey's father)
voices: John Astin (Season 1), Dan Castellaneta (Seasons 2 and 3)

David Charles Bishop is Dodie and Hoodsey's father (the resemblance to Hoodsey is striking); he and Joann have been married for 22 years as of the start of Season 2.  He has a skeleton in his closet; his - he always changes his clothes inside of one.

Bobby and Bobbie (Macie's parents)
voice of Bobby: Michael McKean
voice of Bobbie: Mary Gross
Bobby and Bobbie (I assume that stands for Robert and Roberta, respectively) Lightfoot, Ph.Ds., are psychiatrists (or maybe they're psychologists - it's hard to tell); they share an office - literally, as they see their patients together.  Whenever they can spare a moment, they're also Macie's parents, although they must be hard workers when you consider how often Macie is seen without them.  (Still, they're not that much out of the loop; Bobbie recognized Ginger, and Bobby does know Macie's birthday is April 22 - now all he has to do is to get his PDA to pop up a message on that day along the lines of "Hey, it's your daughter's birthday, don't forget this time".)  The way they pretty much panicked when they realized they missed Macie's birthday in "Family Therapy", however, they seem to be in need of some counseling of their own.

Claire (Courtney / Blake's mother)
voice: Candi Milo
Claire Gripling
Claire Gripling is...well, one look at her and we can tell where Courtney gets her personality (and her intelligence) from. Still, the family must be doing something right if they can afford a full staff, a trip to Paris each year for the spring fashion shows, and summers in the Caribbean.

Prescott (Courtney / Blake's father)
voice: Sam McMurray

(Sorry about the pictures, but these are the only two times he appears in the entire series)
Prescott Gripling is a busy man - too busy to make it home (then again, so are both of Macie's parents, apparently).  However, dinner at the Griplings doesn't start without him - on the telephone, at least.  As of "The Wedding Frame", however, that's going to be harder to do, as you don't get a phone in your cell in prison.
Sam McMurray must be the man Nickelodeon goes to when it needs a "rich father"; he's the voice of Rhonda's father on Hey Arnold!.

Darren's father
voice: Billy Brown
Darren's father
As soon as somebody mentions something about Mr. Patterson (like, for example, what his first name is or what he does), I'll let you know. (And it's hard to get a decent picture of somebody when they only appear for a few seconds in the entire series.)

Darren's mother
voice: Ja'net DuBois

See "Darren's father" for why there isn't much information on her.

Miranda's father
Voice: Richard McGonagle
Officer Killgallen Sergeant Killgallen
Not much is known about Officer Killgallen, except, of course, he's a police officer - something Miranda found quite useful in "Ginger the Juvey". During the summer, he's the head sergeant at Spengler Military Academy summer camp. As Miranda kept on about "my father" rather than "my parents" in "Summer of Camp Caprice", he may be raising Miranda alone.

Dr. Dave
Voice: David Jeremiah
Dr. Dave
Dr. David Dave started out as one of Lois's co-workers; by the end of the series, he was Lois's second husband.  While they have been working together at the same hospital for who knows how long, there wasn't really a "relationship" between the two until Dr. Dave decided to make the first move, right after Ginger's disastrous attempt to get Lois and Buzz together in "Ms. Foutley's Boys"; he finally popped the question at the end of "About Face".

Mrs. Dave (Dr. Dave's Mother)
Voice: Patti Deutsch

Mrs. Dave (her first name isn't mentioned; even Lois calls her "Mom" or "Mrs. Dave") is Dr. Dave's mother, who feels that Dr. Dave needs a woman in his life - and that woman is herself, as nobody else, including Lois, is good enough.

Brandon's parents
Voices: Dee Bradley Baker (father), Sally Struthers (mother)
Brandon's parents are, well, pretty much as annoying as Brandon.  The one time we do see them (in "New Girl In Town"), Brandon's father is always looking through a video camera, and his mother is taking notes for Brandon's thank-you letters for his birthday presents.  Brandon's mother talks with a bit of a lisp; it's possible that it's because somebody didn't want Brandon's mother to sound too much like Sally Struthers.
(Why didn't I get a picture of Brandon's father not looking into his video camera?  I don't think there are any.)
Did you know...Sally Struthers was once the voice of Pebbles Flintstone - not on The Flintstones, but on the early-1970s CBS Saturday morning show The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show, where the title characters were in high school.  (Yes, yes, she's much better known as Archie Bunker's daughter Gloria on All in the Family, but they never animated that, now did they?)

Mr. Cilia
voice: Lewis Arquette
Mr. Cilia
Mr. Cilia is either a student's favorite teacher or the toughest one at Lucky Junior High School - it depends on whether or not you're any good at science.
Lewis Arquette died of heart failure on February 10, 2001 (at age 65)

Principal Milty
voice: Jerry Houser
Principal Milty
Principal Milty is, well, principal of Lucky Junior High. Other than the occasional "I'm in charge around here" roles, he's not seen very much.

Mr. Hepper
voice: Andre Ware
Hepcat Hepper
Mr. Hepper (you can call him "Hepcat") is Lucky Elementary's music teacher.  He also became the replacement teacher for Mrs. Gordon's class after she died.
I haven't been able to confirm this, but I think this is the Andre Ware who won the Heisman Trophy in 1989 and played in the NFL for the Raiders at one point.

Jonas (Ginger/Carl's father) and Ben (Jonas's dog)
voice: Tom Virtue
JonasJonas and Ben

Jonas Foutley is Ginger and Carl's father. He moved out years ago, as Ginger barely remembers him, but it was after Carl was born (as he took home movies of baby Carl); from his current personality, my best guess is that Lois got tired of Jonas's irresponsibility one too many times.  (It may run in the family; he had troubles with his own father, according to what he told Ginger in "Losing Nana Bishop".)  To this day, he's a bit out of touch with the others; he sent Ginger a card for her sixth-grade graduation months after it happened, he gave Carl a jar of peanuts as a Christmas present (which itself isn't bad, except that peanuts cause Carl's throat to close) and just about every time he's been invited for some family event, "something comes up".  Jonas is, as he puts it in "Ten Chairs", a "jack of all trades, master of none"; in  "An 'Even Steven' Holiday Special", he's a street corner Santa.

voice: Carol Kane

Maude Webley was a resident of Golden Gates retirement home when Ginger had to serve her community service (in "Carl And Maude").  Rather than live out her life in peace and quiet, Maude decided to go out kicking and screaming...and playing pranks.  Needless to say, the minute Carl saw her in action, they were like two peas in a pod (although one was rather more wrinkly than the other).  However, when Carl invited Maude to dinner, there was a rather unexpected turn when Maude suddenly dropped dead at the dinner table.  Still, that didn't stop her from coming back on Halloween (in "I Spy A Witch").

voice: Jeff D. Buehl

Dwayne Cochran runs the Sheltered Shrubs (and Protected Pines) sanitation system - that is, he drives the garbage truck and watches the dump.  Needless to say, that makes him one of Carl's closest companions.

voice: Tom Kenny
Buzz Harris first met Lois on Friday the 13th, when he stopped to help her with her car trouble while on his way to answer a plumbing call - that Lois made.  Eventually, Lois got around to dating Buzz, but soon realized he and his three sons were not right for her.  Buzz and his sons live in a double-wide trailer in the trailer park owned by Noelle's family.

Dr. Fondfeelings
voice: Diane Michelle

Dr. Fondfeelings, "Love M.D.", is a TV therapist who specializes in solving relationship problems.  However, she seems to have no idea how to handle things in the Foutley house; her advice in "Dare I, Darren?", "Never Can Say Goodbye", and "Ms. Foutley's Boys" didn't work out verty well.  (And yes, she does sound like Joan Rivers, doesn't she?)

Archie Chang
voice: Ping Wu

Archie Chang is the "on-scene" news reporter for Channel Nine...before he switched to Channel Three in "The Wedding Frame".

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