There are 20 episodes currently scheduled for the third production season, counting the longer episodes as multiple episodes.  ("Stuff'll Kill Ya", for example, is episode 11 of the season.)

Episode numbers refer to the production order, which is also the order they air outside of the USA.  (In the USA, the order in which the episodes first aired is listed if different from the production order - after that, Nickelodeon tends to repeat  the episodes in no particular sequence.)

Episodes 41, 42, 43 - Foutleys On Ice

Written by Emily Kapnek
Directed by Michael Dædalus Kenny, Anthony Bell, Joseph Scott
Storyboards by: Curtis Cim, Jeffrey Hua, Tron Mai, Max Martinez, Darren McGowan, Eric Molinsky, Sean Pendergrass, Gabi Payn, Monica Tomova, Rossen Varbanov
Additional Storyboards by: Rudi Berden, Bob Fuecks, Frank Jen
Closing tag: (Noelle) I'm really angry!  (Carl) Is she the greatest, or what?

Cast: Ginger, Dodie, Macie, Darren, Courtney, Miranda, Mipsy, Carl, Hoodsey, Noelle, Blake, Brandon, Lois, Darren's father, Darren's mother, Winston, Ms. Zorski, Dwayne

Additional Voices:

Ginger gets invited to attend an arts academy, although it wasn't entirely based on talent; Carl, Hoodsey, and Noelle plan to attend a "Weird Human Winterfest" when Carl discovers Noelle can move things with her thoughts

Lyrics to Ginger's song at the end

All this time it was you
I didn't think that it could be true
You were right there from the start
And what might be the strangest part
Is while I sure enjoyed the view
Of seeing everything brand new
It's still you
It sounds like she says just "still you", but the closed captions say "it's still you"
All this time I was home
I didn't know just how far I'd roam
Winter brings all this snow
Blinding, it covers everything you know
But when the sun comes shining through
And the sky returns to blue
I will rush to take my cue and find you
(For those of you who have only seen the version with "reduced" credits, there are no lyrics over the closing credits)

Episode 44 - Wicked Game

Written by Emily Kapnek
Directed by Ron Noble
Storyboards by: Rubi Berden, Jeffrey Hua, Darin McGowan
Closing tag: (Courtney) "Why do they make children's aspirin so very difficult for the small children to open?"

Cast: Ginger, Dodie, Macie, Darren, Courtney, Miranda, Mipsy, Carl, Hoodsey, Noelle, Polly, Blake, Ms. Zorski

Additional Voices:

Dodie and Macie (who are tired of Darren getting in the way of them and Ginger) team up with Miranda, and Mipsy (who can't get close enough to Ginger for a put-down) to try to break Ginger and Darren up; Noelle learns two lessons of gambling ("never bet anything you can't afford to lose" and "there's no such thing as a sure thing; that's why they call it gambling") when she loses Carl for a weekend to another girl in a card game

Episode 45 - The Easter Ham

Written by Eryk Casemiro
Directed by Dean Criswell
Storyboards by: Max Martinez, Sean Pendergrass, Monica Tomova
Closing tag: (Joann) "Robert Joseph, are you burning toast?"

Cast: Ginger, Dodie, Macie, Darren, Courtney, Miranda, Lois, Joann, Dr. Dave, Carl, Hoodsey, Brandon (note that the monkey was not credited)

Additional Voices:

When Joann has to go to the hospital after fighting with Lois over the last ham at the supermarket, she forbids Dodie and Hoodsey from being friends with Ginger and Carl, so Ginger has to decide whether or not to throw Darren's birthday party without her; Carl, Hoodsey, and Brandon go into business selling Easter baskets with months-old candy

Episode 46 - About Face

Written by Emily Kapnek
Directed by Anthony Bell
Storyboards by: John Eddings, Frank Jen, Pablo Solis
Additional Storyboards by: Tron Mai
Closing tag: (Joann) "And that was dope!"

Cast: Ginger, Dodie, Macie, Darren, Courtney, Miranda, Mipsy, Lois, Joann, Dave (Dodie's father) Dr. Dave, Dr. Dave's Mother, Carl, Hoodsey, Blake, Noelle

Additional Voices:

Dr. Dave wants to propose to Lois, but two things stand in the way; his mother's approval, and the fact that the engagement ring is stuck on Carl's finger; Joann becomes a teacher at Lucky Junior High, only to start hanging out with the popular girls in an attempt to become the popular girl she tried to be when she was that age - and when Dodie suddenly realizes something very familiar about the way Joann is acting, maybe being popular isn't as important as she once thought; Blake shows Noelle a photo of Carl and Polly (from "Wicked Game") and mentions that Carl has an engagement ring

Episodes 47, 48 - Butterflies Are Free / No Turning Back
This episode was originally called "Butterflies Are Free", but the version shown on Nickelodeon (USA) was retitled "No Turning Back"

Written by Eryk Casemiro & Emily Kapnek
Directed by Michael Dædalus Kenny, Ron Noble
Storyboards by: Rudi Berden, Jennifer Coyle, Jeffrey Hua, Frank Jen, Tron Mai, Darin McGowan, Eric Molinsky, Joseph Scott
Closing tag: (Mr. Minor) "Fantastic!  I hope to see you next year!"

Cast: Ginger, Dodie, Macie, Darren, Courtney, Miranda, Lois, Dr. Dave, Jonas, Claire, Ms. Zorski, Mr. Hepper, Carl, Hoodsey, Blake, Brandon, Noelle, Polly

Additional Voices:

Ginger and her friends are graduating from junior high school and about to enter high school, but Ginger is having trouble writing a speech for the event, especially as it seems as if she and her friends are being pulled apart; a high school student has his eye (his one good eye) on Macie; Carl, Blake, and Brandon put their prized possessions (the petrified eyeball, Blake's tonsils, and one of Mr. Licorice's teeth) into a time capsule, only to discover that Polly tricked them into it

Episode 49 - Heat Lightning
First aired 50th in the USA

Written by Eryk Casemiro
Directed by Michael Dædalus Kenny
Storyboards by: Aldin Baroza, Boris Likomanov, Michael Mullen, Joseph Scott
Additional Storyboards by: Dean Criswell, Mark Garcia, Tron Mai, Monika Tomova
Closing tag: (Mrs. Dave) "Oh, so bitter"

Cast: Ginger, Dodie, Macie, Darren, Courtney, Sasha, Lois, Dr. Dave, Dr. Dave's Mother, Joann, Carl, Hoodsey, Brandon

Additional Voices:

Ginger returns to Camp Caprice, this time as a cabin leader, but she thinks that the reason that she feels that she and Darren seem to be separating might have something to do with Sasha...who asks her to meet him while they're at camp; Dr. Dave moves in Lois while his condominium is being fumigated, which is not a good thing when he realizes he had made plans for his mother to come over for a few days

Lyrics to the closing credits song

Well, the time has come for us to say goodbye
To the sandy shores of Lake Caprice
And as we go to the places we call home
We hold inside our hearts one tiny piece
Of the spirit...the spirit of Camp Caprice

("Can you feel the spirit")
A spirit full of friendship, love, and peace
(Friendship, love, and peace, y'all)
The spirit...the spirit of Camp Caprice
(Thank you, Camp Caprice)
Where memories never tire in the least

Episode 50 - Fair To Cloudy
First aired 49th in the USA

Written by Kate Boutilier
Directed by Andrei Svislotski
Storyboards by: Aldin Baroza, Mark Garcia, Monica Tomova
Closing tag: (Hoodsey) "I'm scarred!  Scarred for life!"

Cast: Ginger, Dodie, Macie, Darren, Courtney, Lois, Winston, Carl, Hoodsey

Additional Voices:

When Ginger decides to take Darren to her, Dodie, and Macie's traditional trip to the county fair, Dodie decides to invite Courtney to join them; Carl frees what he and Hoodsey think is a two-headed miniature pony

Episode 51 - Stuff'll Kill Ya
First aired two years after "Ten Chairs" in the USA

Written by Emily Kapnek
Directed by Mark Risley
Storyboards by: Frank Jen, Tron Mai, Bao Nguyen, Rafael Zentil
Additional Storyboards by: Won Ki Cho, Max Martinez, Michael Mullen
Closing tag: (Brandon) My analyst says you can't rationalize evil

Cast: Ginger, Dodie, Macie, Lois, Dr. Dave, Joann, Ms. Zorski, Principal Milty, Winston, Carl, Hoodsey, Blake, Brandon

Additional Voices:

Ginger is so overwhelmed by high school that she starts falling asleep in class, but finds a friend in caffeine; Carl's new science teacher lets Carl think he has contracted a fatal disease

Episodes 52-56

These are the "high school" episodes; from what people have told me, I believe this order is the one in which they are supposed to be shown (except maybe "Battle of the Bands" and "Ten Chairs" could be switched) - Season 3 seems to be more of a "teen soap opera" where things happen in a particular order
However, in the UK, "Dodie's Big Break" aired before "A Lesson In Tightropes", even though something happened in "Tightropes" that was mentioned in "Break"
Please do not ask when (or even if ) these will air - if it doesn't say anything on the main page schedule or in the "news" section, then I have no idea

52 - Detention
Written by Adam Cohen
Directed by Ron Noble
Darren wants Ginger to be at his football game, but she has to serve detention for sleeping in class - so it's a bit of "Deja Who, Part 2" as Ginger gets Dodie to go to the game dressed as her; Carl and Hoodsey get Blake to finance their newest endeavor - tea

53 - Kiss Today Goodbye
Written by Kate Boutilier
Directed by John Holmquist
Dodie becomes the cheerleading coach's assistant; one of the cheerleaders has her eyes on Darren; Macie is considering breaking up with Andrew; Lois and Carl go looking for a new house

54 - A Lesson In Tightropes
Darren decides to break up with Ginger, which pains her so much (well, not as much that as her appendix) that she ends up in the hospital; when Ginger's father visits her, Carl is afraid he'll end up getting between Lois and Dr. Dave

55 - Dodie's Big Break
Dodie wants to play in a big street hockey game despite having a broken, that's "Otto's Big Break" - what is it with the Rocket Power titles?
Dodie becomes a cheerleader - but these titles usually have two meanings, and "big break" could be something painful...
56 - Battle Of The Bands
Ginger tries to save Lucky's marching band, and ends up in a band of her own , which gets involved in a music competition

Episode 57 - Ten Chairs

Written by Eryk Casemiro
Directed by Ron Noble
Storyboards by: Dean Criswell, Frank Jen, Max Martinez
Additional Storyboards by: Aldin Baroza, Rudi Berden, Broni Likomanov
Closing tag: (Hoodsey) "I think there's something wrong with that turkey"

Cast: Ginger, Dodie, Lois, Dr. Dave, Mrs. Dave, Jonas, Dave Bishop, Joann, Carl, Hoodsey (what a coincidence; they fill the "ten chairs")

Additional Voices:

Ginger invites a surprise guest to the Foutley Thanksgiving: Jonas - which doesn't go over to well with Carl; vegans Carl and Hoodsey buy a turkey so they can set it free

Episodes 58, 59, 60 - The Wedding Frame

Written by Emily Kapnek & Eryk Casemiro
Part 1 Directed by Michael Dædalus Kenny
Part 2 Directed by Ron Noble
Part 3 Directed by Mark Risley & Michael Dædalus Kenny
Storyboards by:
(Part 1) Aldin Baroza, Dean Criswell, Frank Jen, Max Martinez
(Part 2) Mark Garcia, Bao Nguyen, Jeff Scott
(Part 3) Broni Likomanov, Tron Mai, Bao Nguyen, Jeff Scott, Rafael Zentil
Additional Storyboards by:
(Part 1) Rudi Berden, Won Ki Cho, Bao Nguyen, Jeff Scott, Joseph Scott
(Part 3) Pablo Solis
Closing tag: (Ginger) "That was beautiful, Mom"

Cast: Ginger, Dodie, Macie, Darren, Courtney, Miranda, Orion, Simone, Will, Lois, Joann, Jonas, Dr. Dave, Mrs. Dave, Mrs. Patterson, Buzz, Carl, Hoodsey, Blake, Brandon, Noelle, Junior, Junior Sr., Rhesus, Archie Chang
(Melissa Disney voiced "adult" Ginger as well)

Additional Voices:

Someone is trying to frame ("I get it - wedding frame") Dr. Dave before he marries Lois; Prescott Gripling is arrested, and the Griplings are forced to move out of Protected Pines; Ginger and Darren aren't sure where their lives are headed; an old four-legged friend of the family crashes the wedding

Bonus Pictures

Carl (with hands-free phone mouthpiece at the ready) and Hoodsey (with pinky ring); Dr. Dave and Lois are in the background between them Macie, Dodie, and Dodie's daughter
Chet isn't quite the "proud father" that Darren is (but then again, Darren's baby didn't just poke him in the nose) Looks like sunflowers are still Ginger's favorite The picture of Ginger, as well as the typeface of the title, is from the pilot, "The Party"

Lyrics to "Go Slip Away"

There were days when our woven fingers would sway
Now your hands only push mine away
I won't keep you - go slip away
There were ways; I would try to find one every day
But you couldn't hear what I had to say
I won't keep you - go slip away
That's what you really want
To fade into the grain of my mind
You're racing towards the finish line
I won't keep you

Lyrics to "You Bounced"

How could you go and leave me here
To sink with all the rest
How could you go and leave me behind
Baby, I'm not impressed
I should have known you'd bail on me
Leave me adrift at sea
To sink with all the broken hearts
And share their misery
I'll never forget your misery
No matter how hard I try
I won't forget how many times
You left me here to cry
Just keep going - don't look back
It's easier that way
Forget all that we ever had
I'm just your yesterday
You bounced - You quit
You walked away - That's it
We're over - You split
You walked away - You bounced
That's it
(repeat the last five lines)

Lyrics to "Treasured Love"

We're painting a picture
As we stand side by side
In welcoming a love
Of a groom and of his bride
Committed here forever
Devoted all their days
These two shall form a bond
That shall never fade away
Treasured love - Treasured love

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