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Klasky-Csupo's As Told By Ginger site (


The site from the show's animators includes pictures of the outfits (unlike most cartoons, the characters (at least the girls) wear different outfits from one show to another)
Click Here to see the current newsletter, or Click here to see the past newsletters

Beginning with #23, the "How to Draw" feature in the newsletter had As Told By Ginger characters (23 - Ginger, 24 - Dodie, 25 - Macie, 26 - Courtney, 27 - Miranda, 28 - Hoodsey, 29 - Carl)
Click Here if you want the newsletter E-mailed to you every week (note that if you are not 13 years old yet, you will need some permission)

Nickelodeon's As Told By Ginger "supersite"


The official Nickelodeon (USA) site; there are quite a few fan fiction stories in the ATBG message board (it's in the "Blab" section of the site)

Home pages of cast members
  Melissa Disney

Aspen Miller (MySpace page - the old "" site no longer works)

Susan Krebs
(Joshua's) "The" As Told By Ginger Site
  It's nice to see the fan sites starting to show up.  (By the way, it's not exactly called "Joshua's" site, but its actual name, "The As Told By Ginger Site", makes it sounds like his is the only one.)
Blind Lemon Music
  This is the music site of Jared Faber, who wrote the show's music.  Last time I looked, it included online versions of the theme (the Macy Gray version) and the ending to "And She Was Gone".
The As Told By Ginger corner
  Another fan site
Carolyn's As Told By Ginger page
  Yet another fan site
Nickdisk's As Told By Ginger message board

Nickdisk has had some problems with EZBoard, so he switched to a different company - note that this is the As Told By Ginger board, no longer the "All Nicktoons" board.

CatDogFan's As Told By Ginger site



Yahoo! - As Told By Ginger


A Yahoo! club with images, sounds, and fan fiction ("as soon as somebody writes some")

Yahoo! - The As Told By Ginger Fan Club


A Yahoo! club for fans of the show, and the closest thing to a forum (besides the Nick site) that exists...but where have I seen most of those pictures in the "photos" section before?

Yahoo! - As Told By Ginger Club


The second Yahoo! club for the show


There is now a separate Ginger category - if the above link doesn't take you there, click here to go to the main page, then click on "Cartoons", then "As Told By Ginger"
Warning: doesn't check for sexually explicit or other "adult" themes; in fact, some of the fanfics are "slash" (homosexual / lesbian) - hopefully, all of the slash fanfics say so in their descriptions

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