"The what?"

Well, it takes quite a few people to get an episode of any animated show out, from the initial story idea to the final post-production. Somebody once asked me to give some credit to "the unsung heroes", as it were.


The list is complete through "Ginger's Solo"

Created By
Emily Kapnek
Developed by
Kate Boutilier
Eryk Casemiro
Music By
Jared Faber
Theme Song Written By
Jared Faber (music)
Emily Kapnek (lyrics)
Theme Song Performed By
Cree Summer (broadcasts through March 3, 2001)
Macy Gray (broadcasts starting March 4, 2001, including older episodes)
Co-Executive Producer
Eryk Casemiro
Emily Kapnek
Supervising Producer
Jim Duffy
Cella Nichols Harris
Supervising Director [second season]
Mark Risley
Consulting Producer [first season]
Emily Kapnek
Creative Producer [first season]
Sylvia Keulen
Creative Producer For Post Production [first season, beginning with "Summer of Camp Caprice"]
Mark Risley
Producer [first season] / Produced By [second season]
(1) Kate Boutilier
Maureen Iser
Additional Characters & Backgrounds Designed By
Laslo Nosek
Coordinating Producer [first season]
Lorraine Gallacher
Story Editor
(1) Emily Kapnek
(2) Sheila M. Anthony
Art Director
Craig Simmons
Casting By
(2) Maryanne Dacey
Barbara Wright, C.S.A.
Voice Director
Charlie Adler ["Carl And Maude" was his only first season episode]
(2) Eryk Casemiro
Keythe Farley
Emily Kapnek ["Ginger The Juvey" only]
Klasky-Csupo Senior Art Director
Laslo Nosek
Main Characters Designed By
Gena Kornyshev
Laslo Nosek
Craig Simmons
Main Title Design By
Sylvia Keulen
Jeff McGrath
Supervising Assistant Director
Jeffrey Perlmutter
Assistant Director
(2) Justin Baker
Barbara Ann Duffy
Harry McLaughlin
Enrique Morales
Animatic Scanner
(1) Jesse Gutierrez
Jose Mojardin
Background Design Supervisor
(1) Bradley J. Gake
Fred J. Hofheinz
Background Design [first season] / Background & Prop Designs [second season]
(2) Andre Christou
Randol Eagles
(2) Rodel Gravo
(1) Fred J. Hofheinz
(1) Jeffrey Hua
(1) Frank Jen
(2) Juanito "Tom" Madrid
Kip Noschese
(2) Armando Ortega
(1) Mike Phi
John Reynolds
(1) Marianna Tankelevich
(2) Anthony Srecko Vukojevich
Character Design Supervisor
(1) Patrick Dene
Bob Dever
Character Design
(1) Peter Brown
(2) Travis N. Clayton
(1) Bob Dever
Alberto Dose
Patrick J. Kochakji
Dante Leandado
(1) Kevin Murawski
(1) Max Miceli
(1) Carlos Ortega
Mike Phi
(1) Sergey Shramkovsky
(1) Saehee Simmons
Animation Timing Supervisor
(1) Craig Elliott
(2) Michael Svayko
Animation Timer
Debbie Baber-Bonzon
(1) Ken Bruce
(1) Charles Copper
(1) Patrick Gleeson
Sherman Goodrich
(1) Juli Murphy Hashiguchi
Hernan Henriquez
(1) Younghee Higa
Robert Hughes [credited as "Robert Hughs" in "TGIF"]
(1) Jill Jacobs
(1) Don Judge
(2) Andi Klein
(1) Michel Lyman
(2) Jerilyn Mettlin
Leonardo Pinero
(2) Nelson Racinos
(2) Paul Riley
(2) Bob Shellhorn
(1) Tammy Slusser
(2) Bonita Versh
Color Design Supervisor & Technical Director / Color Design Supervisor [beginning with "Dare I, Darren?"]
Kevin Gallegly
(1) Mike Giles
(2) Pam Price
Color Design
(2) Silvana Ambar
Shannon Bergman
(2) Emily Dutton
(1) Kevin Gallegly
(1) Mike Giles
Beth King / Beth Andre King
Bike Kinzle
(2) Koko
Nora Murphy
(1) Celine O'Sullivan
Pam Price
Micky Rose
Dorothea Schoentag
(2) Saehee Simmons
(2) Gordon Swan
(1) Yelena Tokman
Color Scanner
Emily Dutton
(2) Nate Eddinger
(2) Alon Raphael
Checking Supervisor
Marysia Konwicka
Margot Hale
Continuity Checker
Lisa Atlas
Post Production Manager
Maretta Pitts
Post Production Supervisor
Brent Kirnbauer
Supervising Picture Editor
Peter Tomaszewicz
Recording Engineer
Scott Mathers
(1) Robert Salcedo
(2) Moris Tepper [credited as "Mori Tepper" in "Family Therapy"]
Assistant Picture Editor
Richard Glazerman
Re-Recording Mixer
Peter Carlstedt
Dialogue Editor
Rick Arbuckle
Daniel Ben-Shimon
(1) Marina Kalantarova
(1) Jeremy Pitts
(1) Michelle Rochester
(2) Enzo Treppa
Effects Editor [only credited when different from Background Editor]
Artur Farkash
Background Editor / Effects & Background Editor [when the same person]
Artur Farkash
(1) Marc Glassman
(2) Scott Mathers
(1) Enzo Treppa
Foley Mixer
Derek Pippert
Foley Editor
Kurt Vanzo
Foley Artist
(2) James Bailey
(1) Gregg Barbanell
Anita Cannella
Sanaa Cannella
Dustin O'Halloran
(2) Nancy Parker
(2) Monique Raymond
Foley Recordist
(1) Hilary Goldberg
Jeffrey Kettle
Script Manager [first season only]
Jackie Bustos
Script Coordinator
(1) Sarah Cunningham
(2) Nate Eddinger
(1) Sherry Handa
(1) Harry Harootunian
Casting Associate [first season only]
Maryanne Dacey
Casting Coordinator
Scott Malchus
(1) Stephán A. McKenzie
Casting Administrator [first season only]
Scott Malchus
Production Coordinator
Christopher Drew Hutchison
Design Coordinator
Kristen Farlow
Production Assistant
(2) Scott Gillroy
Rossitza Lazarova / Likomanova
(1) Anthony Srecko Vukojevich
Post Production Coordinator
(1) Jeffrey Kettle
Kedron Parker
Vault Coordinator
Miguel Villegas
Post Production Assistant
Ida Mamedova
(1) Kedron Parker
Senior Vice President of Finance
Douglas Willard
Production Accounting
Karen Barrezueta
(2) Ryan Lee
Doug Marshall
(1) Jen Wegrzyn
Lubia Zapata
Digital Video Post Production
(2) Jesse Morrow [beginning with "TGIF"]

HOLLYWOOD DIGITAL [all episiodes through "Losing Nana Bishop"]
Dan Aguilar
Barry Cohen
George Delaney
(2) Preston Duncan
(1) Kip Gibson
(2) Scott Klein
Mario Linares
(1) James Maclean
(2) Tony Smith

Track Reading
Glenwood Editorial
Lip Assignment
Kent Holaday
(2) Michael Svayko
(2) Bill Wolf
Overseas Animation Facilities
Anivision Korea
Sunwoo Digital International
Overseas Studio Executive
Jae Y. Moh
Overseas Supervising Director
Warren Marshall
Nickelodeon Production Executive
(1) Amy Jackson
(2) Steve Keller
(1) Lora Lee
(2) Grant Moran
Executive In Charge Of Production
Terry Thoren
Executive Producer
Gabor Csupo
Arlene Klasky

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