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Created by Emily Kapnek
Developed by Kate Boutilier, Eryk Casemiro
Executive Producers: Gabor Csupo, Arlene Klasky
Music by Jared Faber (unless otherwise noted)
Theme Song written by Jared Faber and Emily Kapnek, and sung by...well, it depends on where you live:
In the USA, Macy Gray (through March 3, 2001, the first 10 episodes had the theme sung by Cree Summer, but beginning March 10, some of the older episodes started using the Macy Gray version (and the closing credits changed to reflect this); now all episodes shown in the USA use the Macy Gray version)
In other countries, from what I've been told, Melissa Disney sings the theme in the first two episodes, Cree Summer in the next 11 or so, and Macy Gray after that
Note that the CD The Newest Nicktoons has the Cree Summer version, but without the "background noises"

Episodes originally aired on Wednesday nights at 8:00 beginning November 1, 2000 (actually, the show premiered eight days earlier, along with Pelswick), then moved to Sunday nights at 7:30 beginning January 14, 2001 (apparently to get ready for the "TEENick" block which started on March 4, 2001), then to Sunday at 7:00 beginning November 24, 2002, then to Sunday at 6:30 sometime in 2003, then to Sunday at 6:00


NOVEMBER 1, 2009 - Long time, no speak, eh?  Anyway, there was a spike in the readership of my websites in October, which caused the download amount to exceed its limit near the end of October, so if you got any "Bandwidth Exceeded" errors trying to read this site, that's what happened.

JANUARY 2 - Nicktoons has replaced Ginger with Ricky Sprocket, Showbiz Boy.
Not only that, but the first 13 episodes (except for "Ginger the Juvey" and "An 'Even Steven' Holiday Special") have been removed from iTunes.

DECEMBER 14, 2008 - Nicktoons has scheduled "Stealing First" for December 26; it has not aired on Nicktoons since January.  (I never did understand why, especially as Nickelodeon has aired it since then with no problem.)

OCTOBER 23 - Remember "Mambo in the Catskills" from "Love With A Proper Transfer Student"?  It turns out that there really is a stage version of Dirty Dancing, that just opened in Chicago as part of its pre-Broadway tryout tour; it will also be in Boston and Los Angeles sometime in 2009, before going to Broadway later in the year.

AUGUST 24 - Some of you may have heard that some Nicktoons are available on DVD at  This is part of their new "DVD On Demand" service, which (a) is a bit expensive (they want $40 a season for some shows), and (b) does not include As Told By Ginger, or, for that matter, any of the other Klasky-Csupo shows (Rugrats, AAHHH!!! Real Monsters, The Wild Thornberrys, Rocket Power, All Grown Up), at least at the moment.

JUNE 4 -'s Nickelodeon Magazine section now features Nicktoons comic strips, including a few for Ginger - go to, then click on Ginger, then select a comic from the list on the right.  (Note that these comics originally appeared in the print version of the magazine.)

APRIL 13 - Looks like "Stealing First" is off the Nicktoons schedule again, even though it (along with "Ginger's Solo") has been shown on Nickelodeon recently.

MARCH 1 - no longer works, but Aspen appears to have her own MySpace page (click here).
Also, there are some YouTube videos of her singing with Meat Loaf on his 2007 tour of Europe (I think the best sound is the one from the appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's show; she starts singing about 1:20 into the video).

JUNE 26, 2007 - Looks like the "skipped" episodes (Next Question, The Right Stuff, Cry Wolf, Gym Class Confidential, Fast Reputation, Losing Nana Bishop - they were skipped early in 2007 and again in May) are back in the schedule again.

MAY 6 - Well, they've gone through the entire schedule twice without airing "Piece Of My Heart", so apparently it's on the "no-show list" for whatever reason.  (And before you ask, I have seen the comment on Wikipedia about how it's now considered a "Valentine's Day special", but seeing as how it didn't air on 2/14 this year, I am not convinced.)

JANUARY 13 - Apparently, Nickelodeon's problems are not limited to the USA.  Someone from Belarus tells me that when their version of Nickelodeon was scheduled to air "Butterflies are Free" (renamed "No Turning Back" in some countries), they aired the first ten minutes, but then switched to a Jimmy Neutron episode - and 30 minutes later, aired the first 10 minutes of "Butterflies are Free" followed by the same Jimmy Neutron episode again.

DECEMBER 29, 2006 - I may have been a little hasty as to thinking why Nicktoons pulled the high school episodes they scheduled earlier in 2006.  Stuff'll Kill Ya is now "in the rotation" - something they would not do if they felt they had a problem with the high school episodes.  It may just be a case of "we have unaired episodes that we don't want to air all at once."  (They do the same thing with My Life as a Teenage Robot.)  Let's hope they don't take too long to air them.  (And if you have seen the messages on the Ginger forum about how "the president of Nickelodeon said they will air at the end of August," keep in mind that (a) this is no way of knowing how accurate this is, (b) the message also mentions an "unaired" episode of Rocket Power, but every episode has aired (on Nickelodeon), and (c) even if it was true, Nickelodeon is notorious for changing its schedule two days in advance, so anything about episodes airing eight months from now is not necessarily correct.)

SEPTEMBER 23 - The site is back down; however, seems to be working (except for access to the old newsletters).

JULY 9 - Now there's something I never thought I would see - Nickelodeon pre-empting something else to air Ginger!  (Originally, the July 9 schedule had the movie What a Girl Wants in Ginger's time slot, but that was changed at the last minute to show Jimmy Neutron followed by Ginger.  (I think Nick wants to show Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour on 7/9 and Timmy/Jimmy Power Hour 2 on 7/16, so when they premiere Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour 3 on Friday 7/21, they can air it again that Sunday.)

OCTOBER 18, 2005 - Well, at least one part of the world has taste; As Told By Ginger won the "best cartoon" award at the 2005 Kids Choice The Netherlands!

SEPTEMBER 12 - Looks like Dodie got jealous of Ginger; now there's a website as well.

JUNE 1 - "Hey, I bought the Far from Home DVD - where are the credits for 'The Party'?"  They're located at the end of "Ginger the Juvey".

DECEMBER 25, 2004 - For some reason, the address was not working recently.  If this happens again, try this address:

NOVEMBER 24 - Yes, Nicktoons did show "Ten Chairs".  The only problem: they had a rather large "Planksgiving" logo in one corner.  ("Planksgiving" is Nicktoons's name for their Thanksgiving programming, "starring" Plankton from SpongeBob SquarePants.)  On top of that, there was a banner at one point that said, "Your watching PLANKSGIVING".  (For those of you who are wondering, "What's wrong with that?", it's supposed to be "You're" - "your" means "belonging to you", while "you're" means "you are".)  I don't see why Nickelodeon didn't schedule it; there was nothing in it that needed you to see any of the episodes Nickelodeon hasn't aired yet in order to understand it.  (And yes, they did air a Rugrats repeat on Thanksgiving right after the other Thanksgiving specials.)
Meanwhile, it looks like even fans of Nickelodeon's popular shows get the short end of the stick sometimes; apparently, Nickelodeon aired the wrong episode in the The Fairly Oddparents U-Pick on 11/24.
Also, for those of you who don't have the DVD of "The Wedding Frame" yet, the Season 3 page has pictures of the characters as adults.

AUGUST 5 - now has its own As Told By Ginger category - to go to it, go to my Links page (either click on "Links" on the sign at the top, or on any "Links" link at the bottom of the other pages) and click on the link.

JUNE 15 - Those of you who are fans of the music, the show's music director, Jared Faber, has his own website: 

MARCH 1 - - no explanation needed.

OCTOBER 4, 2003 - Click Here for a picture of Ginger kissing Darren from "Foutleys on Ice".  Sorry that it's on its own page for the moment, but the last time I added something, so many people went to the page that I quickly used up my web download limit (see the September 1 news entry below)

MAY 31 - Another bit of Ginger merchandise is now available at the Nickelodeon Shop ( a "customizable" Ginger watch (your choice of one of three Ginger pictures for the watch face, your choice of two watchband colors, and even a name of up to 10 characters).

APRIL 19, 2002 - The website newsletters have been including instructions on how to draw some of the show's characters - click on the links below to go to the website and learn:
How to draw Ginger
How to draw Dodie

How to draw Macie
How to draw Courtney
How to draw Miranda
How to draw Hoodsey
How to draw Carl
"Why don't they tell us what colors to use?"  Actually, most shows have detailed instructions on how to draw and color the characters, for use by the animators (so, for example, Carl's shirt is always the same colors) and the merchandisers (that is, for shows that have merchandise), and they don't want just anybody to know how to do it as then it would be too easy for the characters to appear in advertising for which the show's producers weren't paid.


Season 1 episodes are listed in white

Season 2 episodes are listed in green
Season 3 episodes are listed in pink


Nicktoons Schedule - all times Eastern
(subtract 1 hour for Central, 2 hours for Mountain, and 3 hours for Pacific)
  (sorry - I caught a cold somewhere)
As of January 3, 2009, Ginger is no longer on the Nicktoons schedule (its spot was taken by "Ricky Sprocket, Showbiz Boy")


Note that all times may be off by a few minutes

Here is the current "order" in which Nicktoons airs episodes:
Order changed as of December 2, 2008 ("Blizzard Conditions" moved from after "Love With A Proper Transfer Student" to after "New Girl In Town")
(note "Dare I, Darren?" and "Driven To Extremes" may have been moved to adter "Losing Nana Bishop")
(The order is: go down the left column, then down the center column, then down the right column)

Stuff'll Kill Ya Cry Wolf New Girl In Town
The 'A' Ticket The Right Stuff Blizzzard Conditions
Ginger The Juvey Losing Nana Bishop Deja Who?
Love With A Proper Transfer Student Fast Reputation Never Can Say Goodbye
About Face Fair To Cloudy Trouble In Gal Pal Land
Gym Class Confidential Kiss And Make-Up And She Was Gone
Dare I, Darren? The Nurses' Strike Carl And Maude
Driven To Extremes Wicked Game Sibling Revile-ry
Hello Stranger Of Lice And Friends Come Back Little Seal Girl
Heat Lightning Lunatic Lake Mommie Nearest
Next Question TGIF No Hope For Courtney
  Family Therapy Ms. Foutley's Boys

The current list of "unaired" episodes is:
Stealing First (although it did air 12/26/2008)
Sleep On It
Piece Of My Heart
Ginger's Solo (although Nickelodeon does air it)
the "high school" episodes (except for Stuff'll Kill Ya)
the "holiday" episodes, except for "An 'Even Steven' Holiday Special" (did you know there was a time when "I Spy A Witch" was on the regular episode list?)
Also, the "long" episodes usually do not air (this is true for all Nicktoons, except maybe for the hour-long Rugrats Christmas episode)

As Told By Ginger is a Klasky-Csupo production in association with Nickelodeon
"As Told By Ginger" and all related logos, titles, and characters are trademarks of Viacom International, Inc.

Created and not particularly painstakingly developed by Don Del Grande, KAJ (Known Animation Junkie) -
Click Here to E-mail me comments, suggestions, ideas, and general whatnot, although keep in mind I have nothing to do with the show itself and have no contacts with anybody involved. Also, please do not ask me for:

  1. Anybody's E-mail address / home address / phone number; I don't know (even Nickelodeon doesn't have an E-mail address - you have to go through "Write to Nick" at the site);

  2. Pictures or sounds - if it's not on the site, I don't have it and, more than likely, I don't have time to get it (besides, sounds take up a lot of space);

  3. Copies of any episode (for example, the pilot, or "April's Fools");

  4. "When will (insert the name of an episode) appear again?" - if it's not listed above, then I don't know (and I don't think Nickelodeon knows for more than two or three weeks in advance), and I don't have any "pull" with the network (if I did, more of the unshown episodes of Hey Arnold!, CatDog, and The Angry Beavers would have been shown by now);

  5. "Why did Nickelodeon announce they were showing (insert the name of an episode) but then changed it at the last minute?" - I don't know why Nickelodeon changes its schedule around at the last minute, but it always has, and it probably always will.

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