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And if you've ever asked why they don't show the pilot, it's probably because it's only half as long as a normal episode (it was shown, unannounced in advance, during the 1998 Big Help-A-Thon - you didn't miss much; they don't explain how Eliza got her ability to talk to animals, nor where they got Darwin or Donnie (they do explain the first two of those in "Gift of Gab", although it's slightly different from how it's shown in the opening)

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NOVEMBER 20, 1982

(as seen on TV...over and over again)
Millions of people claim to have been there

How many of them have one of these?

...and no, I was not on my way out when "The Big Play" happened

For those of you who asked, "What is he talking about?", this was the Cal-Stanford football game that had the famous five-lateral kickoff return that included the Stanford band at the end

2021: Cal 41, Stanford 11

Brought to you by Don Del Grande,