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SEASON 2 (1997-98) EPISODES 

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Season 2 Notes

  • Phillip Van Dyke has replaced Toran Caudell as Arnold
  • Gerald's last name has changed from "Johanson" to "Johanssen"
  • Sae Rom Productions Co., Ltd. does the overseas animation
  • There's no longer a "Games Animation" credit at the end
  • Add "Dan Butler as Mr. Simmons" to the list of people (in the first season episode guide) who appear to be the physical models for characters
  • Five of the episodes were originally made with the first season episodes but, for whatever reason, not shown until now; these have the "original" actors (including Toran Caudell as Arnold), include the Games Animation logo, and are animated by Wang Film Productions instead of Sae Rom

Episode List

The second season of Hey Arnold! began on September 21, 1997, with new episodes running Monday & Wednesday nights (first season episodes ran weekend mornings)

Episodes will be numbered in the order shown, beginning with "201" (to indicate that these are second season episodes), except that "Arnold's Halloween" was shown between episodes 210 and 211; note this numbering system is not "official" by any means, but is there just to identify each episode on this site

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Episode 201

Save The Tree
The kids try to keep the oldest tree in the neighborhood from being torn down - by Helga's father, who wants to put one of his stores there

New Teacher
When Miss Slovak quits her job, the kids give their new teacher, Mr. Simmons, the "new teacher treatment", but when he also leaves and is replaced by a no-nonsense ex-Army officer, they realize that Mr. Simmons wasn't so bad after all

Episode 202

Helga's Love Potion
Helga's had enough of her "I love him, and yet I hate him" feelings for Arnold, so she drinks an "out-of-love potion" and loses all feelings for Arnold - or anything else, for that matter

Gerald's Secret
...is that he never learned how to ride a bike; can Arnold teach him in time for the big "bikeathon"?

Episode 203

The Big Scoop
School paper editor Arnold doesn't like the way Helga is "economical with the truth" when it comes to her stories, so Helga and Phoebe start a tabloid paper of their own

Harold's Kitty
Harold makes friends with a stray kitten he and Arnold found, but refuses to give it back when its real owner comes looking for it

Episode 204

Longest Monday
On the first Monday in June, fifth graders dump fourth graders into trash cans, but the fifth graders have to catch Arnold and his classmates first...

Eugene's Pet
Arnold kills Eugene's pet fish with a yo-yo, and not even an imaginary hippo can keep Eugene happy

Episode 205

Monkey Business
When Helga is kissed by a monkey, she thinks she's contracted "monkeynucleosis", which would be fatal if it wasn't for the fact that there's no such thing

Big Caesar
Arnold and Gerald go after Big Caesar, the legendary giant fish in City Pond

Episode 206

Arnold and Gerald try to find the person who stole Gerald's sister Timberly's stuffed animal and is holding it for ransom

Ms. Perfect
The girls are all jealous of a new girl in the class (even Phoebe, who's no longer always the first with the answers), but after they play a prank on her, they discover that her home life is far from perfect

Episode 207

Arnold Saves Sid
When Arnold saves Sid from being hit by a falling sign, Sid decides to make it up to Arnold by doing things for him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Arnold and Gerald decide to skip school for a day, but they're too busy making sure they aren't caught to have much fun

Episode 208

Freeze Frame
Arnold and Gerald videotape a mysterious man dropping an envelope into a tree and end up trying to protect someone they know only as Marty

Phoebe Cheats
Phoebe wins a poetry contest by submitting a poem she didn't write, but her prize - a statuette of poet Emily Dickinson - haunts her for cheating

Episode 209

Arnold leads the fourth graders in a game of touch football against Wolfgang and the fifth graders

Gerald Moves Out
After one too many of Jamie O's wrestling moves and one too many of his things ruined by Timberly, Gerald moves out of his house...and into the Sunset Arms

Episode 210

The High Life
In order to make money for new inline skates, Gerald sells watches, but his new lifestyle turns on him when he has too many watches to sell and everybody already has one

Best Friends
Arnold, Rhonda, and Nadine are supposed to do a school project together, but when best friends Rhonda and Nadine have a fight after they can't agree on the project's subject, Arnold has to work on both of their projects as well as try to get them back together

Episode 211

Steely Phil
Arnold helps Grandpa, or "Steely Phil" as he's known in the park's Chinese Checkers area, train for a tournament - and a rematch with the man who caused him to retire from the game forty years ago

Quantity Time
Helga has the week off from school and Big Bob takes the week off from work, but when Miriam spends the week taking care of her mother, Big Bob's attempts to spend some "quantity" - er,
quality - time with Helga only make her angrier and angrier

Episode 212

Eating Contest
Grandpa trains Arnold for the annual neighborhood eating contest, but Arnold's competition isn't called "the disposal" just because he stands in the kitchen sink and makes a lot of noise...

Rhonda's Glasses
Rhonda, P.S. 118's trendsetter and walking fashion statement, becomes a geek when she has to get glasses, but a taste of how "the other half" lives leads her to stage a "revenge of the geeks"

Episode 121 (held over from the first season)

Helga's Boyfriend
In an attempt to make Arnold jealous, Helga hires Stinky to act as her boyfriend, but when Helga fires Stinky, he discovers he's really in love with her

Crush on Teacher
Arnold gets a crush on his substitute teacher, and when Gerald overhears that she's "invited Arnold for dinner", Gerald gets Arnold ready for his "date", unaware that she was talking about another Arnold - her fiancee

Episode 122 (held over from the first season)

Hall Monitor
When Helga sees that Phoebe is too meek to be a good hall monitor, Helga teaches Phoebe how to stand up to kids - and turns her into "Field Marshall Phoebe"

Harold's Bar Mitzvah
Harold doesn't think he's ready to go through with this Jewish celebration of manhood; can Arnold show him the truth before Harold rows to Elk Island?

Episode 123 (held over from the first season)

Coach Wittenberg
Arnold's bowling team needs a coach, and finds one in Coach Wittenberg (Arnold's basketball coach from "Benchwarmer"), whose use of "psychocology" gets the team ready for a showdown with Helga's team - coached by Coach Wittenberg's wife, who threw him out of their house

Four-Eyed Jack
Grandpa tells Arnold and Gerald about "Four-Eyed Jack", a former Sunset Arms resident whose ghost is supposed to haunt the boarding house; when Arnold hears a strange noise, he and some of the boarders try to unravel the mystery

Episode 213

Eugene Goes Bad
When Eugene sees that the actor who portrays his favorite TV character, "The Abdicator", doesn't do his own stunts and acts like a prima donna on the set, he decides that there's no use in being good, and turns into a bad kid

What's Opera, Arnold?
On a field trip to the opera, Arnold dreams he and Ruth are the main characters in
Carmen, while Helga dreams she breaks things up as Brünnhilde from Die Walküre

Episode 124 (held over from the first season)

Tour de Pond
Arnold's main competition in the annual pond boat race is a snooty rich kid whose grandfather won the same race 70 years ago against Grandpa - by cheating

Teachers' Strike
The latest school cutbacks are just too much for the teachers to take, so they go on strike, and the students enjoy the "vacation", but when they realize that the teachers have temporary jobs at all of the students' hangouts and that any days missed have to be made up in the summer, they try to get the teachers back to work

Episode 125 (held over from the first season)

Runaway Float
P.S. 118 doesn't have enough money to build Arnold's idea for a float for the City Day Parade, but Helga gets her father to sponsor it - and changes the float into a giant beeper which gets out of control during the parade

Dino Spumoni and his lyricist (the guy who writes the words to his songs) Don Reynolds have broken up, and both get rooms at the Sunset Arms, where they both lived "back in the old days" - and their breakup spreads to Arnold and Gerald, who fight after trying to develop an act for a talent show

The Specials

Arnold's Halloween
Arnold attempts to scare Grandpa on Halloween by broadcasting an "alien invasion" message over his radio, but when a TV reporter picks up the signal, the city goes into a panic - and Big Bob gets the chance to settle a 20-year-old alien score