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What color is...

  1. ...Arnold's hat? (I told you these were easy.)
  2. ...Helga's hair ribbon?
  3. ...Rhonda's pants?
  4. ...Sid's boots?
  5. ...Brainy's hair?

Name the character:

  1. The one with a giant flower on her shirt.
  2. The one with a "U" on his shirt (or is that a sweater?).
  3. The only one of the "regular" fourth-grade boys with red hair.
  4. The one whose real first name is Thaddeus.
  5. The one who likes to use the word "bites" at lot (as in "This really bites"), at least in the first two seasons.


A few Helga questions:

  1. What are Helga's parents' first names?
  2. What is Helga's older sister's name?
  3. ...and what college does she attend?
  4. What does Helga's father do for a living?
  5. What nickname does Helga give to her left fist?

And some boarding house questions:

  1. What is the name of the boarding house?
  2. What is the boarding house's address? (Besides the one on the label of the telescope in "Salley's Comet")
  3. Which boarders have appeared, or been mentioned, more than once?
  4. What was the name of the "former Sunset Arms resident" mentioned in one of Grandpa's stories?
  5. How many showers does the boarding house have?


Now a few Gerald questions:

  1. What's Gerald's last name?
  2. Gerald usually wears the number 33; what number was his basketball uniform in "Benchwarmer"?
  3. . ..and the one time he wore a shirt with a different number, what number was it?
  4. What are the names of Gerald's older brother and younger sister?
  5. What's Gerald's father's first name, which is also Gerald's middle name?

And how about a few P.S. 118 questions:

  1. When was the school first opened?
  2. What are the names of Arnold's two fourth-grade teachers?
  3. Who is the principal of P.S. 118?
  4. What is Arnold's room number?
  5. Who is the school auditorium named after?

What are the first names of...

  1. Grandpa and Grandma?
  2. Harold's parents?
  3. Rhonda's parents?
  4. Mr. Simmons?
  5. Stinky? (That is, what's his "real" first name?)    


In the show's opening...

  1. Who's jumping rope (that's "jumping", as opposed to "turning" or "watching somebody jump")?
  2. Which kid appears in the opening but is not there when the girls and boys meet?
  3. What four kids disappear when the two lines go from six kids each to four?
  4. What's the name of the cafe that Arnold goes by?
  5. Who are in the windows yelling "Arnold!" right before Helga says "Move it, football head"?

Celebrity Alert! Name the character(s) done by:

  1. ...singer Lou Rawls.
  2. ...Blossom star Mayim Bialik.
  3. ...someone in The Brady Bunch Movie.
  4. ...the person who also does the voice of Lola on CatDog.
  5. ...someone with a speaking role in the movie Saving Private Ryan.
  6. ...someone who also does a regular character on Rugrats.
  7. ...the people who also do regular characters on The Simpsons.
  8. ...someone who had a major role in the Star Wars movies.

And now the last questions...

  1. Nickelodeon usually doesn't change its shows' openings.  However, the opening in the fourth season of Hey Arnold! is different from the previous three seasons in two ways.   One, obviously, is the new version of the theme.  What's the other?
  2. Which three characters' last names have been spelled two or more different ways (if you include the spellings in the closing credits)?