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SEASON 5 (2000-01) EPISODES 

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The fifth season of Hey Arnold! began on March 4, 2000, with new episodes running Saturday mornings. After three episodes (and one pre-empted for a Rugrats marathon), the next four new episodes were shown on Wednesday nights. Note that the first two episodes and "Summer Love" were originally made as fourth season episodes but withheld until the fifth season. (As for "Parents Day", I think that was originally made as a third season episode.)

Episodes will be numbered in the order in which the entire episode is shown (note that "On The Lam" aired before "Harold And Patty Arm Wrestle / Arnold and the Rich Guy", but not along with "Family Man"), beginning with "501" (to indicate that these are fifth season episodes)

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Hey Arnold!: The Movie

When the neighborhood is bought up by a developer who wants to build a mall there, Arnold tries to discover the reasons behind it

Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie

Arnold's class wins a trip to the country of San Lorenzo, which is where Arnold's parents disappeared, unaware of who is behind the trip...and why he needs Arnold