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SEASON 3 (1998-99) EPISODES 

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Season 3 Notes

  • The character Lorenzo was (I assume) supposed to appear first in "Rich Kid", but he's in the class when they sing in "Gerald's Tonsils" and he plays a large role in "Arnold's Room", both of which aired before "Rich Kid"
  • One of the scheduled episodes ("Part Time Friends"/"Biosquare") was originally made for the first season (it's the only episode with Toran Caudell as Arnold not shown in North America yet)
  • In the credits, under "Animatics", is "Brian J. Arnold"
  • "Part Time Friends/Biosquare" was originally made with the first season episodes but, for whatever reason, not shown until now; these have the "original" actors (including Toran Caudell as Arnold), include the Games Animation logo, and are animated by Wang Film Productions instead of Sae Rom

Episode List

The third season of Hey Arnold! began on August 31, 1998, with new episodes running Monday & Wednesday nights.

Episodes will be numbered in the order shown, beginning with "301" (to indicate that these are third season episodes), except for the one episode held over from the first season (numbered 131, although it was the 26th (and last) first-season episode shown in the USA), and "Arnold's Thanksgiving", which aired between episodes 313 and 314

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Episode 301

Helga Blabs It All
Helga, under the effects of laughing gas while at the dentist, leaves a message on Arnold's answering machine revealing how she feels about him, but once she comes to her senses, she tries to get the tape before anyone can hear it

Harold The Butcher
When Harold steals a ham from Mr. Green's shop, he makes up for it by working for him

Episode 302

Dangerous Lumber
Every time Arnold hits a ball in baseball, somebody gets hurt, so he hangs up his bat; can Mickey Kaline (Arnold's favorite player, from "The Baseball") talk him back into the game in time to play against Wolfgang's team?

Mr. Hyunh Goes Country
Mr. Hyunh and his incredible singing voice is led down the road to Country & Western stardom by Arnold and Gerald

Episode 303

Casa Paradiso
After one too many days in a boarding house that's falling apart with a bunch of occupants that seem to have nothing better to do than to yell at him all day (and in Oskar's case, that's not far from the truth), Grandpa threatens to sell the boarding house and move himself, Grandma, and Arnold to a retirement home

Gerald's Tonsils
Gerald has his tonsils removed and loses his singing voice - right before a school concert

Episode 304

Arnold's Room
After seeing Lorenzo's room, Sid is afraid to show him his own room, so he pretends that Arnold's room is really his

Helga vs. Big Patty
After Helga makes one too many jokes about Patty the sixth-grader (from "Ms. Perfect"), Patty challenges her to a fight

Episode 305

Stinky Goes Hollywood
Stinky is selected to be the new "spokeskid" for Yahoo Soda - but when he discovers why he was chosen, he has to decide whether fame or pride is more important

Olga Gets Engaged
Helga's sister Olga announces that she's getting married, despite her parents' initial objections, although Helga is all for it (if only to get Olga out of the house once and for all), but when Olga's fiancee lies his way into Big Bob and Miriam's hearts, will Helga stop things before Olga makes a mistake?

Episode 306

Curly Snaps
Curly has been counting the days until it's turn to be the school ball monitor, so when the job is given to Sid instead, he locks himself in Principal Wartz's office and throws kickballs at everyone in sight

Pre-Teen Scream
Phoebe wins a contest to meet her favorite pop star, but when she finds out the truth about him, she's no longer obsessed with him - but the truth impresses Helga

Episode 307

Grandpa's Birthday
Grandpa is in no condition to celebrate his upcoming 81st birthday, since Grandpa claims there's a "family curse": everybody in his family who reached the age of 81 died before reaching 82

Road Trip
Helga, who's already embarrassed by her mother, has to go on a road trip with her to South Dakota, where Miriam manages to lose their money, but she manages to save the day with a little-known talent

Episode 308

Sid's Revenge
When Sid is incorrectly blamed for an accident involving Principal Wartz, he promises to extract revenge - and then he thinks he killed Wartz

Roller Coaster
To prove to everyone that Eugene is not cursed, Arnold goes on a roller coaster ride with him - and they both get stuck

Episode 309

The Aptitude Test
An aptitude test shows Harold to have exceptional talents, while Helga is suited to be a "woodsperson"

Oskar Gets a Job
Oskar gets a job as a newspaper delivery boy - then his job becomes making excuses so Arnold will actually deliver the papers

Episode 310

Arnold Betrays Iggy
When Arnold sees Iggy wearing bunny pajamas, he promises he won't tell anybody - but when Sid and Stinky guess, Iggy refuses to forgive Arnold

Helga And The Nanny
When Miriam gets a community service job, Big Bob hires a nanny who pretty much runs Helga's life for her, until Helga goes one step too far in getting her fired

Episode 311

Career Day
Arnold has to spend Career Day with the kid-hating Jolly Olly Ice Cream man

Hey Harold!
Harold makes a new friend at Rhonda's latest party - Big Patty

Episode 312

Best Man
Coach Wittenberg is going to marry Tish again, with Arnold as best man and Helga as maid of honor - assuming Arnold can convince Coach that Tish is more important than winning

Cool Party
Rhonda throws a party but doesn't invite anyone she considers a "geek", but when "geek" turns out to mean "anyone who would rather be at Arnold's party rather than listen to boring stories of her European vacation", it soon becomes a "party of one"

Episode 313

Arnold & Lila
When Lila sees "Arnold Loves Lila" (written by Helga, who had originally written "Arnold Loves Helga" but changed it) on a wall, she thinks Arnold "
likes her likes her", only to be crushed when Arnold tells her that he doesn't - then to realize that he just might

Grand Prix
When Arnold and Eugene run their go-karts into each other while qualifying for the All-City Junior Go-Kart race, they team up to race against Wolfgang and Helga

Episode 314

Helga's Show
When Helga does unflattering (but accurate) impressions of her friends, they start ignoring her, but they don't think her "friendly" routine isn't any better

The Flood
Arnold and his classmates are stuck inside P.S. 118 because of a flood, and "cabin fever" starts to take its toll

Episode 131 (held over from the first season)

Part Time Friends
Arnold and Gerald work at Mrs. Vitello's flower shop, but when Mrs. Vitello gets injured and puts Gerald in charge, the boys' friendship is tested

Arnold and Helga have different ideas on how to spend 24 hours doing scientific experiments in Grandpa's greenhouse

Episode 315

Phoebe Takes the Fall
After Phoebe lets Helga win a school academic competition, and then trains her day and night for the city finals, only one thing stands in the way of Helga winning the one trophy Olga couldn't win: Helga's conscience

The Pig War
Arnold and Grandpa participate in a famous battle involving a pig by volunteering Abner as the pig, unaware that whoever captures Abner is allowed to eat him

Episode 316

Crabby Author
Arnold tracks down the author of his favorite books, only to discover she acts the opposite of the people that appear in her books

Rich Kid
A new kid (well, not so new - it's Lorenzo from "Arnold's Room") is so busy that he has no idea what fun is - until Arnold and the other kids show him

Episode 317

Girl Trouble
When Arnold tells Grandpa about the things Helga does to him, Grandpa tells Arnold about a girl who did the same thing when he went to school

School Dance
Arnold hires Dino Spumoni to sing at P.S. 118's annual dance - but rather than swing, he sings his swan song

Episode 318

School Play
When Helga hears that Arnold is Romeo in the school's production of Romeo and Juliet, she schemes to get the part of Juliet, mainly because they have a kissing scene

The Specials

Arnold's Thanksgiving
When Arnold and Helga have to suffer through yet another "usual" Thanksgiving - Arnold's Grandma thinks it's July 4 and Helga is little more than a servant to her parents and sister - they decide to see how one of Mr. Simmons' "perfect" Thanksgivings goes, only to discover that their own Thanksgivings aren't that unusual after all